“Don’t Buy What we do, Buy Why we do it” Says Entrepreneur Luke Mac

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Entrepreneur Luke Mac is one of the upcoming influential characters of recent times, not only in the online advertising industry but in the business world as a whole. Coming from a background of crime, drug abuse and homelessness Luke did the impossible and rose above the difficult issues life threw at him.

Fast forward several years, Luke is multiplying the income of companies in several continents of the world through what he says are proven strategies and tactics he implements on social media and other platforms. The agency Easyeye offers cost effective brand growth and they are top performers in the industry.

Luke told us recently that his core values do not lay in money, power or income but he believes in helping people and their brands achieve what they set out to attain from day 1. Luke argues that many business owners set out on their journey with big expectations and huge goals, however they get lost in the process resulting in them settling for less.

“When we set out in business we have big dreams, we have great ambitions for ourselves and our families as a result of what we plan to achieve. I believe so many business owners and entrepreneurs want something that they can not achieve due to their lack of knowledge and understanding in areas of business which can be helped . We do not only help company growth but we help entrepreneurs achieve freedom in their personal lives as well as their business lives. Business owners need to learn putting time and resources into the right areas of their business can help them get away from the areas that are draining them”

Luke Mac never had an easy road in life. Perseverance is known to be his key trait and it is this that led him down the road of wanting to help others reach their best potential.

Luke is a contributor to the entrepreneurial community and enjoys writing on the topics of business, sales and marketing. His work is regularly featured on Business Insider, Yahoo Finance,  and many more high tier publications. He is considered by many in the business space to be one to watch..

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