Dor Eckstein’s Journey to Becoming a Fitness Guru in Israel

Although he now sports washboard abs, things were very different for him as a teenager.

You often see people posting before-after photos of how they transformed their bodies within a few months by working out. Dor Eckstein, a fitness guru in Israel, is one of those who went through that change.

Eckstein’s challenging childhood

Fitness was a challenge for Eckstein while growing up. He came from a family where being overweight was the norm. Eckstein was overweight for nearly 15 years. But it wasn’t the life that Eckstein craved for. He had slim and fit friends in school and also in his neighborhood. Eckstein felt jealous whenever he saw them. But he turned his jealousy into a mission, and soon he signed up for a nearby gym. He wanted to lose weight as fast as possible and look fit just like his friends.

In addition to going to the gym, Eckstein also started a strict diet. He got rid of oily foods and sweetened drinks so that he wouldn’t add more fat. And that’s how he got into the field of fitness. Once he lost weight, his next mission was to achieve a chiseled figure. He combined weight training with aerobics and, in no time, gained 6-pack abs.

Today, Eckstein has more than 9,000 clients, and all of them have one common thing to say: Eckstein is the best when it comes to fitness training. His diet and workout plan simply works wonders.

Learning about fitness

Eckstein’s experience in fitness comes from his years of education in this field. Ever since he decided to enter the fitness industry, Eckstein started studying fitness techniques and how different weight loss methods impact the body. This enables him to provide personalized workout sessions so that you can achieve your desired physique within a reasonable timeframe. For example, if you want to lose weight, your workout sessions and diet will differ from someone who wants to build muscle mass.

Eckstein was a fitness instructor at Wintage College and a part of the ISA International Sports Nutrition Organization. There, he taught hundreds of students the different aspects of working out and how other exercises influence various parts.

Nutrition is another area that interests Eckstein a lot. He has already read more than 4,000 academic articles on nutrition. Contrary to what people think, reading and implementing those ideas according to different body types is extremely difficult. One wrong step may lead to a significant turn of events, something that nobody wants to happen. But Eckstein continues to study proper nutrition and its effects on different parts of the body.

He says, “I want to find out more about nutrition and fitness. It helps me come up with unique fitness training methods that are useful for my clients.”

With more than 9,000 satisfied clients, it is safe to say that Eckstein is one of the best fitness instructors in Israel. You can follow him on Instagram and reach out to him through his official website


Written by Jacob M

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