Dormzi: A Powerful Micro Network for College Students Who Want to Become Entrepreneurs

College students in the US deal with a lot on their plates. They not only have to handle new experiences in college but also look after their responsibilities properly. According to the most recent study, the number of the undergraduate student body may reach a whopping 20 million by the end of 2028. That means more students will have to adjust to the challenges of college life soon.

But thanks to two college students, there is now a solution for like-minded students who need to support their education while fulfilling their dream of becoming successful entrepreneurs. Milan Kordestani and Sabine Rizvi founded a company called Dormzi in 2019 that provides a platform for students to connect with students from other campuses and complete peer to peer tasks.

How Dormzi Works

As already mentioned, college students have so many things to deal with that they don’t have time for real-life learning opportunities and meaningful college experiences. They have to attend their daily classes and prepare for tests, fulfill work obligations, and participate in extra-curricular activities.

These eventually devalue their education. It defeats the purpose of a college education, which is not just to memorize lessons, pass tests, and write papers. University education also means participating in new activities, taking advantage of meaningful opportunities, making new connections, and creating networks with peers and even professors.

But too much pressure often limits students from gaining experience in these aspects of university education. Milan and Sabine understood this core problem of students. They recognized that time and money are two factors that students face the most trouble with. They came up with Dormzi, a state of the art platform that solves both these problems efficiently.

Students can use this platform to connect with their peers and navigate the complexities that college life throws at them while earning money safely and quickly without leaving their campuses.

Sharing is Caring – Dormzi’s Motto

Suppose you have three research papers to finish by the weekend, and you only have 48 hours in your hand. Wouldn’t you find it useful if someone shared your workload? Maybe you can do something for him in exchange? But where do you find such a kind-hearted soul who would help you accomplish your tasks within the deadline?

That’s precisely where Dormzi comes in. It allows you to connect with other students who are facing similar problems. You scratch his back; he scratches yours. That’s how the concept works.

In addition to lending a helping hand by creating a student-based network, Dormzi also creates opportunities for students to earn something by showcasing their skills. Suppose you missed a couple of classes because you were sick. You can’t say anything to the professor because he is strict. But you need to catch up on the lessons you missed. You open Dormzi and find someone who attended his classes. He asks for a few bucks to explain what the professor taught. You end up learning the new topic while he earns money from the whole deal—a win-win situation for both of you.

Milan and Sabine believe that Dormzi can change the face of university education in the US if students make the most of these features. Slowly but surely, more students are getting acquainted with Dormzi and leveraging its micro-network. It wouldn’t be surprising to see the app reach new heights because of its one-of-a-kind business model.

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