Doubt Kills All Dreams

We have all at some stage in our life experienced to some degree the feeling of doubt. But for each of us the doubt we’ve experienced can show up differently in our lives. Some of us experience doubt in business, while others experience doubt in relationships, the feeling is the same yet the experience is slightly different. That slight difference in experience can either create feelings of separation & loneliness or it can be our greatest source of growth and evolution; the choice is ours!

Have you always doubted yourself?

If you think back to when you were a baby, do you think you experienced any doubt? When you were hungry, did you doubt that hunger or did you cry your eyes out until you got what you needed? When you were trying to learn how to walk, did you doubt your ability to walk or did you just keep trying until, eventually, you were walking? When you learned to talk, did the thought “I can’t do this” cross your mind, or did you just soak everything in and begin to associate words with items, things, people, etc.?

If doubt was present in your life as a baby, then you probably wouldn’t be alive today! Yet here you are reading this article. So if you weren’t born doubting yourself, when exactly was doubt created?

When was doubt created?

Much like learning to walk and talk, as children we also learn doubt. Between the ages of 2 & 7 years, we are in a Theta brain state and our subconscious mind soaks in everything we see, feel and experience. During this time we also observe the behavioral patterns of those in our environment and quickly learn which behaviors are acceptable and unacceptable.

So why is this so important?

The Theta brain wave is the state in which ThetaHealer’s and Hypnotherapist’s operate to download new behaviors and beliefs into the subconscious mind of their clients. Therefore as children, everything we see, feel, experience and witness between the ages of 2 & 7 years is automatically downloaded into our subconscious mind without filter, as our version of the truth.

When doubt is programmed into the subconscious mind at this young age, it becomes our truth. Not only is it our truth within the age bracket of 2-7 years, but for most of us, it continues to affect the rest of our adult lives without our conscious knowledge of its impact.

How to live without doubt?

In order for us to free ourselves of our childhood programming of doubt we must first identify when doubt was created for us. For each of us, the exact moment doubt was created is completely unique to our own experience.

For some people it could be a moment in time when their parents told them no, and that no created self-doubt. For others they may have watched a significant adult figure doubt themselves and learnt the behavior through observation. These are just a few examples of scenarios in which doubt could have been created. But in order to free yourself of doubt, you must take some time to identify the exact moment it was created in your life.

Identify when doubt was created?

To assist you in figuring out exactly when doubt was created in your life, I have outlined below some questions and guidelines that you can begin to ask yourself. I highly recommend answering these questions whilst tapping your thymus and with your eyes closed. Be patient with yourself, and allow the answers to flow to the forefront of your mind. Your subconscious mind already has all of the answers, just give yourself the time and space to allow it rise to the surface.

  1. When was the very first time doubt was created in your life?(Allow your mind to take you to the very first time doubt was created. The answer may appear as a memory, or you may see a number which could signify how old you were. Trust the answer your mind gives you.)
  2. What happened that created this doubt? (Did someone say no to you? Did you witness someone doubt themselves?)
  3. Look at the event from a different perspective. (If someone said no to you, look beyond the no. Why did they say no? Was it to protect you? Look at that event like a video, and rewind to minutes before the doubt was created, what was happening?)
  4. What did you learn from doubt? Write down all the positive things doubt has taught you!
  5. How has doubt served you? All negative behaviors we participate in serve us in some way, which is why we continue to participate in. Ask yourself what positives do I get out of having doubt in my life. It could be something as simple as, doubt keeps me safe.

If you don’t get the answer the first time you approach the questions above, that’s ok. Give yourself a break and come back to them again at another time. You might find that each time you answer the questions a new piece to the puzzle might unveil itself to you. Be patient with yourself. The answers will come to you at the right time.

Awareness is always the first step to creating any change. Answering the questions above will help bring light to doubt in your life. But also be aware of your thoughts and behaviors and if you find yourself doubting your decisions, your business, your relationships, etc. know that you always have the choice to choose differently. The more you choose trust and love over doubt, the more you begin to reprogram your mind with new empowering neural pathways. Making these new choices time and time again, over a period of time, will create a completely new reality, one where doubt will no longer exist.

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