Dr. Aimee Harris-Newon Educates on How to Create a Life of Fulfillment

Society nowadays is a fast-paced environment in which people are running from one goal to the other. Everyone is trying to succeed and shine whether it be in their personal or professional life. However, as they commute to work and back home, sometimes they forget to create a life of fulfillment. By focusing on the big picture, they do not take care of their present and do not realize how important it is to find optimal health and happiness. Dr. Aimee Harris-Newon is here to help people create the kind of life that will make them feel happy and fulfilled.

Dr. Aimee Harris-Newon is a double board-certified psychologist, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and master success coach who learned to overcome life’s challenges in order to have the kind of life that she always dreamed of. She’s the youngest of ten kids who grew up poor with a single mom who taught her children about work ethics, values, personal grow, and education. She did everything the American Dream stands for: worked hard and put herself through college to build a better life.

While getting the best education she could, Dr. Harris-Newon realized that just being educated was not enough to reach her goals. This knowledge motivated her to learn how to change her mindset. Her new way of thinking would help, according to her, “break free of the limiting beliefs that plagued my family growing up and kept most of them in the poverty cycle.” To break this cycle, she knew it was important to seek out mentors while engaging in the continuation of her education, license, and certification programs.

A changed mindset and the knowledge that she possessed after graduating led her to start her own private psychology practice in 2001. This psychologist’s values were based on honoring and serving others while educating and empowering her patients. Although her journey was hard because not many mental health professionals shared her values, Dr. Aimee Harris-Newon has led a very successful professional career.

Her years of experience, knowledge, and expertise were the foundation to establish The Center for Integrative and Functional Health and Wellness. The work everyone on the team does is a blend of traditional and holistic medicine to help clients achieve optimal health and happiness. This collaborative group of specialists puts their emphasis on a complete body, mind, and spirit approach to their treatment and services.

Their services are divided into four categories:

  1. Mental Health: counseling, psychological testing and assessments, coaching, and TMS therapy.
  2. Wellness: holistic medicine, nutrition, clinical hypnotherapy, IV nutrient therapy, Ketamine, Spravato, acupuncture, personal training, Reiki, massage, and functional medicine.
  3. Family and Integrative Medicine: family healthcare, allergy immunology, chronic pain and fatigue, and acute and chronic health issues.
  4. Corporate Wellness

All of them are connected because Dr. Harris-Newon believes, “When you heal a person, you can heal a family. And when you heal a family, you can heal a community.”

This fast-paced society does not stop to teach individuals how to achieve their goals while simultaneously overcoming their challenges, creating a life of fulfillment, and experiencing optimal health and happiness. Dr. Aimee Harris-Newon found the perfect formula after educating and working her way out of poverty into success. The work she does with her clients and her team are proof everyone has the time to stop for a second, take care of themselves, and become fulfilled individuals. Like this double board-certified psychologist believes, you must do your best to be your best.

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