Dr. Andrew A. Jacono’s Pro Bono Work Makes A Difference

Millions of people around the world live with health issues, birth defects, and other serious conditions that can be easily remedied with the help of a good plastic surgeon. Dr. Andrew A. Jacono believes in using his surgical skills to help others live happier, healthier lives, and he is proud to have performed pro bono surgery on hundreds of children whose lives have subsequently changed thanks to the correction of their congenital birth defects.

How Plastic Surgery Can Change Lives

Plastic surgery isn’t just about facelifts and nose jobs. While boosting confidence and correcting insecurity-inducing features are important aspects of plastic surgery, reconstructive plastic surgery aims to help people who have suffered trauma, as well as those who were born with problems that can only be remedied with the aid of a skilled plastic surgeon.

There are not as many plastic surgeons in low and middle-income countries as there are in higher-income countries. Many plastic surgeons, like Dr. Andrew A. Jacono, gladly offer their skills to people in low and middle-income nations at no cost.

Here, we’ll explore how Dr. Andrew A. Jacono, and other plastic surgeons, are working to help people in need by donating their time and skills.

Cleft Lip and Palate Reconstruction

Dr. Andrew A. Jacono has performed more than 500 pro bono surgeries through organizations that connect plastic surgeons to people in need.

Many of the surgeries that Jacono and other committed plastic surgeons provide involve cleft lip and palate reconstruction. A cleft lip and palate doesn’t just make a child look different from their peers—it can also cause significant health difficulties and impede their development.

Cleft lip and palate reconstruction can fix facial differences that make a child feel self-conscious. In addition, this surgery can improve a child’s speech and language development, help their hearing, and improve their breathing. Children may also find it easier to eat and drink after their cleft lip and palate are repaired.

Organizations That Make Giving Back Possible

Thankfully, there are several organizations that connect people in need to plastic surgeons who want to provide pro bono services.

Healing the Children

Dr. Andrew A. Jacono has worked extensively with Healing the Children, an organization that helps healthcare professionals provide pro bono services to people who could not otherwise afford their expertise. In addition to connecting providers and patients, Healing the Children provides medical supplies and other resources that make pro bono surgery a reality.

HUGS Foundation

The HUGS Foundation provides life-changing surgeries to children born with cleft lips and palates and other facial deformities. The HUGS Foundation specifically connects surgeons, including Dr. Andrew A. Jacono, with children in Vietnam, Guatemala, and Ecuador.


Dr. Andrew A. Jacono serves as a senior advisor to FACE TO FACE, an organization that provides pro bono consultations and surgery to those who have been disfigured by domestic violence. Each year, one million women who experience domestic violence require medical attention for injuries.

For some domestic violence victims, it can be difficult to move forward when the violence leaves behind permanent physical issues.

FACE TO FACE works to help victims overcome facial trauma by providing free access to highly skilled surgeons, like Dr. Andrew A. Jacono.

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