Dr. Anosh Ahmed: Focus on the Community

As communities are given the chance to rebuild from the aftermath of a pandemic, which is hardly over, the world that we live in is still struggling. People still feel the heaviness and see the damage. New schools, hospitals, clinics, and housing has helped a small community outside of Chicago meet the needs that they’ve had for a while.

Dr. Anosh Ahmed was the guiding light that helped that community achieve that. Investing in hospitals, clinics, schools, and housing, he works to make sure that his investments are useful to an area. “Hospitals and clinics are always profitable and incredibly useful in communities that lack the health care and resources to thrive.

“Schools and hospitals are the pillars of a community,” Dr. Ahmed says. “I always look into expanding my portfolio with those two since they are so important. Hospitals and clinics are always needed, schools are the same. Getting to procure these are always so useful for community-driven wellness and education.” The world of investments and medicine are where he feels very comfortable and can expand into something even more interesting and useful. “There are so many ways that you can help in these sectors that will help give back and improve conditions,” he says.

Countering the destruction, loss, and grief of the pandemic, Dr. Ahmed has seen so much growth, healing, renewal, and support in the communities that he has helped supply those pillars of health and education. “There is a lot of profit here, it was a smart investment, and it helped so many kids and families get access to the resources that they needed.” 

Another side of his investments included housing. “I invested in apartments as well, so that there would be a safe place for families, the elderly, and anyone that needed to stay could have that sense of community. This is helpful for them so that they aren’t far from the amenities of groceries, schools, and health clinics and care,” explains Dr. Ahmed.

This brings families, individuals, and businesses together and what is most important during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Ahmed is boldly creating a community infrastructure that is not only profitable, but secure for those that are within that sphere. Giving back to a Chicago community is something that is important to him. Combining his background in real estate and medicine, he is able to support the residence and offer care in ways he may not have been able to had he not had experience in investing. This is what community-driven health and wellness looks like.

This community had been almost forgotten about, and I didn’t want to see them struggling like they had been. Some of the most amazing things of getting to heal people is taking the steps to make things better for them on a larger scale. So there was an opportunity to heal a community from the outside in and I took it.

For inspiration and growth, the world that Dr. Ahmed wants to see, he is creating. “There isn’t really anyone that does what I do, so I’ve never had the chance to idolize anyone doing this, this something that I get to forge myself and it’s definitely been driven by improving lives, helping communities, and the possibility of making the world a better place,” he says smiling.

Improvement personally, and professionally is another aspect to which Dr. Ahmed feels strongly about. “You don’t want to lose sight of your vision, so I don’t really follow in anyone’s footsteps. I can only look at my progress year after year and determine how I can be better or how I can grow.” This is the time to really be there for your community and Dr. Ahmed has seen the virus up close and personal. “We don’t have the room to be anything less than community-driven,” he says empathetically.

Dr. Ahmed is focused on being a help to people, he has something that a lot of entrepreneurs, investors, and physicians don’t have since he has a strong combination of skills. Taking care of people in communities is important and he is dedicated to do the most to bring people together and establish them for the future.

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