Dr. Cat The Celebrity Surgeon On Why Surgery Is Not Always Needed

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Dr. Cat is a well-known Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and beauty brand CEO of Beauty by Dr. Cat. As a Harvard and UCLA Medical School Graduate, she often times get requests from patients to undergo a celebrity-look-alike surgery. She shares some of her experiences when she made an appearance on the tv show, The Doctors.

On the panel, they discussed the annual survey report by the AAFPRS that 13% of facial plastic surgeons saw increase in request for celebrity procedures. The celebrity plastic surgery Dr. Cat’s patients usually request request are:

  • Amber Roses’ and Nicki Minaj’s butt
  • Kylie Jenner and Megan Fox’s lips
  • Kim Kardashian and Kate Upton’s breasts

Dr. Cat doesn’t look at people objectively, but rather personally. She looks at patients based on what they need to be fixed in order to make them better. She sits down with patients and asks them why they feel this procedure is needed. A patient’s “Why?” is very important.  All of those things need to be in harmony with each other. Being a plastic a plastic surgeon is technically being able to create things. 70% of Dr. Cat’s role is similar to being a psychiatrist and a therapist through understanding what they need or what they want.

Contrary to popular belief, Dr Cat doesn’t often recommend plastic surgery to clients. There are other organic methods prior to going under the knife. There are four biggest concerns listed below that will prevent her from performing the task: 

  1. Motivation. If someone pushed them or pressuring them to do it, she often suggests that isn’t a good enough reason to pursue the surgery.
  2. Emotionally unable to handle the stress, too high anxiety and panic, not a good time for them.
  3.  Having unrealistic expectations, things that are not doable, they want that can’t be done. Dr. Cat will not move forward to operate.
  4. Medical reason that will be dangerous for them. part of the consultation, medical history and physical exams. Safety is the most important thing. Anything that will compromise someone’s health & safety the surgery will be cancelled.



Written by Luis Garcia

Luis Garcia is a social influencer, content creator, entrepreneur, and Afghanistan combat veteran. Luis created a global Social media network that grew over 200M followers and founded a digital agency that launches social campaigns for Fortune 500 companies.

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