Dr Dean Bartles – Entrepreneur who is Making Manufacturing Technology Accessible to SMMs

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In the field of manufacturing technology, few are as prominent and innovative as Dr Dean Bartles. His decades-long endeavour to push the boundaries of manufacturing technologies in terms of precision, productivity, and efficiency has made him a remarkably accomplished operations executive and one of the most sought-after experts in the field, with over 40 years of managerial expertise under his belt.

Dr Dean Bartles academic background presents many extensive accomplishments, a testament to his ambitious quality of always striving towards knowledge and advancement.

Chief among his most prominent academic credentials are a Masters degree in International Business from Tampa College, a Doctorate in Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University, and a PhD in Technology Management from Indiana State University with a specialization in Manufacturing Systems. 

Dr Bartles influences on the field of manufacturing and technology are nothing short of revolutionary. His involvement in the development and advancement of various aspects of Industry 4.0 technologies include cutting cost, time, and waste, while increasing profitability, revenue, and quality. These principles are at the core of Dr. Bartles lifework and everything he stands for regarding smart manufacturing. 

Dr Bartles occupied the position of Executive Director and Chief Manufacturing Officer at the Digital Manufacturing & Design Innovation Institute. During his time there from 2014 to 2016, he was in complete charge of developing and applying plans for investment and technology transition and creating workforce strategies to manage the recruitment and retention of over 300 members. 

Before that, Dr Bartles worked for General Dynamics Corporation for 30 years, setting up and overseeing the proper management of manufacturing facilities in several countries like Egypt, Turkey, and the United States. 

His extensive experience and commitment to implementing advanced manufacturing technologies within the field made him an expert and an authority figure that’s well recognized worldwide for his inventiveness and solution-driven thinking. 

Daniel Matuska, the Shalimar Research & Technologies owner, worked with Dr Bartles on different occasions. In a statement about Dr Bartles’ invaluable efforts to assist Matsuka to overcome a crisis, Matuska commented: “Dean was a sane touchstone in a roiling growing entity of confusion due to rapid acquisitions and mergers. His advice was priceless in that environment.”

After holding many senior positions at various companies and important projects in the field, Dr Bartles is now since 2020 President & Chief Executive Officer at Manufacturing Technology Deployment Group, Inc. (MTDG), a non-profit holding company for both the National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM) and its new subsidiary and sister corporation, Advanced Manufacturing International, Inc. (AMI).

AMI is recognized as a leading figure in the field of smart manufacturing. Its primary goal is to help small-to-medium-sized (SMMs) companies compete and succeed in the global economy.

Their team of specialists works with SMMs to identify and reinforce their weaknesses, capitalize on their strengths, and recommend solutions based on three criteria: low-cost, efficient, rapid technology. AMI tailors these solutions to the specific needs of SMMs and integrates them into their manufacturing process, guaranteeing better and smarter decision-making within the company’s every level. 

Visit his website to learn More about Dr. Dean Bartles. You can also follow him on his Twitter.

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