Dr. Glenn Vo on How to Monetize Your Facebook Group

When Dr. Glenn Vo started Nifty Thrifty Dentists, an online community for dental professionals that helps them save money, he had no idea the Facebook group  would eventually surpass 29 000 members. By providing members with insightful blog posts, podcasts and dental deal discounts, and helping vendors find leads and sell their products, he was able to create an affiliate market and monetize his Facebook group. Today he shares his tips on how to grow and monetize Facebook groups:

Make Your Members Want to Stay 

“The key to growing and monetizing a Facebook group is to always create consistent and valuable content. You need to provide them with content that is applicable to their profession to keep them in the group,” explains Dr. Vo.

Leverage the Talent of Others 

“People always think that they have to come up with all the content themselves. But the key is to invite other industry leaders to participate. You can leverage your relationships with other professionals so that they can help you create the content,” says Dr.Vo. “For Nifty Thrifty Dentists, I always bring certain specialists in for certain procedures. They’ll do Facebook live streams or guest posts.”

Give Members What They Need 

“So how do you create valuable content? Make it creative. Invite others to collaborate with you,” says Dr. Vo. “Once you have members, find out what their pain points are. Perhaps its the need for better marketing or cheaper supplies. Figure out what your core audience needs and provide them with the solution. From there you can create an affiliate relationship with that professional.”


“In order to grow your group, you need to engage with the members,” says Dr. Vo. “What you want to do is to highlight the members of the group. Say there’s a member that is really knowledgeable about a certain topic. Put them front and center because it shows that you’re connected with your group. It also shows that you want to share the spotlight and the group is not about you, but the members.”

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