Dr. Himanshu Talwar: Serving Society and Stirring Souls With His Skills

A mentor, a humanitarian, an entrepreneur – these are just a few of the titles that can barely outline Dr. Himanshu Talwar’s life as a multifaceted and extraordinary personality. Having dedicated his life to serving others, he has walked many a path to give back in every possible way to society. From counselling students, entrepreneurs, managers to working for international establishments and non-profit organizations, he has used all his skills and aptitude to transform the lives of others. No wonder people look up to him as a life-coach too.

He holds a Masters’ in Business Administration (MBA), and to further build upon and diversify his skill set, he studied Philosophy, Law and, attended Executive Management Programme (s) at Said Business School (SBS), University of Oxford, Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Calcutta and Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Bangalore. He holds a Doctorate and D. Litt Degree in Business Management.

Dr. Talwar wanted to put to use all the degrees on a roster in a very selfless way which revolved around giving back to society and helping people from all walks of life, especially students, reach their potential and prosper. His dedication towards social causes has earned him the ‘Indian Achievers’ Award 2020 for Social Service. Recipient of 11 national-level awards, Dr. Talwar has been working for international organizations and supporting Not-for-profits, facilitating people-to-people contacts, and conducting training/ workshops for professionals on International Relations, Strategic Management, Cross-Cultural & Corporate Communications, Business, and Corporate laws, Entrepreneurship, etc., for more than a decade.

A man of great versatility and eminence, Dr. Talwar has been a fervent spokesman of his beliefs, being invited as a speaker at two TEDx events in India & three TEDx International events in Morocco, Russia, and Tunisia. He has addressed various National and International conferences & seminars. His speeches inspire students from diverse backgrounds to unravel their true potential, reach new heights and write a better future for themselves.

Talking of writing, Dr Talwar frequently writes articles for magazines, research papers for national/ international journals, and has many case studies published in India and abroad to his credit. He has made a substantial impact in transforming students’ approach towards their own lives by his positive influence on their skill development, legal and professional education. He also recently published his own book, ‘The Journey Of a Lost Soul’.

Dr Talwar’s personal motto is ‘Passion with Profession” and he is adept at working with spirituality. His goal of eliminating poverty by ensuring proper education, guidance and coaching to every student and leading them to live fulfilling lives reflects his true values and shows his selflessness in dedicating his brilliance to uplifting his people.

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