Dr. Juli Mazi Discusses the Rise of Holistic Medicine

For thousands of years, mankind was forced to rely on only natural remedies to treat various diseases and conditions. With the progress made in the field of modern medicine over the past few decades, many of these natural remedies were either forgotten or used to patent pharmaceutical versions.

According to holistic medicine expert Dr. Juli Mazi, though, natural remedies and holistic medicine as a whole are starting to regain popularity. “If medicines don’t work, they don’t stick around for thousands of years,” Dr. Mazi comments.

Dr. Juli Mazi on the Rebirth of Holistic Medicine
Dr. Mazi explains several key reasons why holistic medicine has experienced a new surge of popularity in recent years. The first of these reasons is the advent of the internet – something that Dr. Mazi describes as somewhat of a double-edged sword when it comes to promoting the benefits of holistic medicine.

While it is undeniable that the internet has allowed for a lot of misinformation regarding health and wellness to spread, it is also true that the internet has made it much easier for people to learn about natural treatments.

Another factor behind holistic medicine’s recent surge in popularity is rising healthcare costs. As conventional pharmaceutical treatments and medicines become increasingly difficult for the average American to afford, more and more people are turning to natural alternatives.

However, Dr. Juli Mazi says that the most impactful factor that is driving the growth of holistic medicine is the simple fact that many natural treatments are highly effective, with few to no negative side effects.

The effectiveness of these natural remedies is something that was once well known and something that we are just now starting to rediscover. Unlike many pharmaceuticals, with long lists of negative side effects, natural medicines have hardly any, so not only are they effective, they’re also much safer.

Combining Holistic Medicine and Modern Medicine for Optimum Outcomes

Dr. Juli Mazi has never been one to advise patients to forgo the advances of modern medicine. Instead, she believes that a combination of holistic medicine and modern medicine is often the most effective choice for today’s patients. The type of medicine she practices is often known as “Integrative Medicine” for this very reason.

The best part about natural remedies and nutrition-based treatments is that they don’t tend to have negative interactions with modern medicines and treatments. A patient battling cancer, for instance, is able to undergo treatments such as chemotherapy, while at the same time treating their condition with good nutrition and doctor-approved natural remedies without any concern of one treatment interfering with the other.

According to Dr. Mazi, this combination of holistic and modern medicine is something that holds a lot of promise for those willing to embrace both the advances of modern healthcare as well as the age-old natural remedies of our past.

Advances in Holistic Medicine and What the Future Holds in Store

While many of the natural treatments promoted by Dr. Mazi date back several centuries, that doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been a number of advances in the field of holistic medicine over the past couple of decades. The rising popularity of holistic medicine has encouraged new interest in the field and has led to plenty of significant advances and discoveries.

A quick search through any natural health journal reveals an array of recent studies uncovering new advances in the holistic medicine field, and these advances have certainly helped drive the growth of holistic medicine.

As for what the future of holistic medicine might hold in store, Dr. Mazi says that she is hoping for a future where holistic treatments are embraced by healthcare professionals. However, the majority of people who visit the doctor are unaware of the natural treatment options that they have available since most conventional doctors only prescribe pharmaceuticals or surgery.

As the popularity of holistic medicine continues to grow, Dr. Mazi is hopeful that we will soon see a better integration of holistic and modern medicine, leading to a world where more patients are able to enjoy the options and benefits of all available treatments.

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