Dr KaNisha L. Hall explains what beauty means to her, opens up about her haircare brand ‘Perform’

It would not be wrong to describe Dr KaNisha L. Hall a polymath. Before you get confused, we tell you that a polymath is a person who is knowledgeable in various fields. There’s no iota of doubt that Dr KaNisha is a woman with diverse talents and skills. She is a medical practitioner, an author, a motivational speaker, an anesthesiologist, sexual wellness coach, physician, counsellor and a serial entrepreneur. She is currently based in Houston, Texas and holds a graduate degree from the prestigious Howard University College of Medicine. Less than two per cent of physicians who specialize in Anesthesiology are black women and Dr Hall is an inspiration to millions of women today.

Besides a medical practitioner, she has conducted various seminars about wellness and has always opened up about the importance of mental health. Her best-selling book ‘Sex After….’ (A Woman’s Guide To Empowered and Enhanced Sexual Experiences In The Evolution of Life.) educates the women of all generations about personal sexual empowerment. Adding different layers to her personality, Dr KaNisha’s curriculum vitae is beyond a doctor and an author. There are very few women polymaths and she is one among them. Inspiring other women to embrace their inner and outer beauty, her passion for hair care saw Dr KaNisha establish a haircare brand named ‘Perform’.

The doctor began her career in chemistry and botany and the foundation in these areas saw the birth of her hair care line consisting of nourishing plant proteins, vitamins and essential oils. The products of the company do not have harmful chemicals like PABA and it is focused to strengthen the health of hair and skin. Dr KaNisha was asked what beauty means to her. To this, she said, “Beauty begins from within and the way you carry yourself is what defines your personality. It is all about confidence and that’s what beauty is all about.” The haircare brand caters not just to women but also for the men with a variety of products like shampoos, conditioners, serums, moisturizers among other products.

To buy the best hair care and skin care products, people can head to the website www.performhairskin.com. “Look, feel and be your best” is a life-motto which the doctor and entrepreneur truly lives by. Apart from her incredible works, she runs the Alfred Hall III Foundation, which is a tribute to her father. The foundation has till now successfully distributed more than $35,000 scholarships and small business grants to support higher education for the deserving candidates to build a strong community of the doctors. Doing the excellent work in the field of healthcare and wellbeing, Dr KaNisha L. Hall has set a bar for all the aspiring women entrepreneurs.

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