Dr Karishma Vijan

Dr Karishma Vijan Introduces A Revolution In Dentistry With Preventative-Cosmetic Dentistry

“A smile is the doorway to your soul “says ace dental surgeon Dr Karishma Vijan. She is paving new ways in the field of preventative cosmetic dentistry. It all started after completing her post graduation from Manchester and acquiring her Master’s degree in aesthetic and restorative dentistry.

She returned to India but was devastated to find out that one of her close relatives was battling oral cancer. On closely observing the ordeal, she realized that there was a gap in the way dentistry was practiced and decided to conduct further investigations into the field of preventive dentistry and came to the definitive conclusion to integrate it with cosmetic dentistry which holistically could work as an impediment for multiple diseases.

This prompted the birth of Quintessence smiles, India’s first dentistry-focused vertical, and a one-of-a-kind center for Holistic and cosmetic dentistry.

Dr Karishma says that crooked or poorly shaped teeth, not only cause Infections but are aesthetically compromising to your personality too. She further expresses, “I follow the practice of preventive dentistry,  We opt for a conservative way to achieve a  great smile without cutting or harming the natural teeth in any way”.

Among her many accomplishments Dr. Karishma is also the youngest dentist teaching at the eminent British Dental Conference, Excel, London about the importance of preventive healthcare for combating oral diseases and cancer

Dr. Karishma’s mission to promote dental care as the key to holistic health and wellness through the inception of ‘Quintessence Smiles (Q Smiles) is indeed a step in the right direction. The brain-child of Dr. Karishma Vijan, Q Smiles focuses on preventive dentistry as an upcoming branch of dental sciences.

The treatments focus on the early prevention of disease by addressing the root cause and examining its link to gut health, mental health, and nutrition. While also treating dental diseases such as cavities and root canals, its approach towards preventive and cosmetic dentistry is based on the use of cutting-edge technology to ensure minimal invasion and damage to the teeth.

Q smiles aims to use cosmetic dentistry to enhance not only the shape, size, color, but also the strength of the teeth. Their main endeavor is to not only enhance smiles but also overall body health.

Dr Karishma is also a specialist consultant at Hinduja Surgical, Khar, Mumbai. She is truly passionate about changing the face of dental health care through innovative steps in preventative and oral care that has been neglected especially over the decades. She has worked extensively in this field and specialized in providing the same for women from all classes of society.

With a zeal for making positive changes that improve human health and providing women with tools to enhance their overall well being, Dr Karishma is indeed setting a benchmark that can be revered and followed by others. She is truly a great example of trying to make the world a better place one smile at a time.

You can connect with Dr. Karishma Vijan on Instagram – @dr_karish

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