Dr. Lisa Leit’s Happy Whole Human Solution: Presence and Pivot

Meeting with Dr. Lisa Leit, PhD, MCC, an executive coach, management consultant, workshop leader, motivational keynote speaker, and coaching trainer, is like meeting with your best friend: she’s able to instantly put you at ease and get you talking like you’ve known each other for years. As the founder of Happy Whole Human, she spends much of her days coaching clients on how to transform themselves into people who are genuinely happy and who possess a strong clarity of purpose for their lives.

“So many people are burned out,” Dr. Leit reflects. “They feel like they are going through the motions each day and wonder if there is something more for them. The good news is that yes, there is more. With Happy Whole Human, you can experience a radically different mindset in just 45 days, which will make a huge difference in your life.”

There is, of course, no shortage of professionals claiming to have the secret of happiness. In Dr. Leit’s case, however, she can back her claims with hundreds of satisfied clients as well as numerous industry awards.

She was honored as one of the 2021 Top Visionaries in Healthcare by the International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare and was also named as a 2021 Top Female Life Coach in the U.S. by Yahoo Finance.

Dr. Leit is accredited by the International Coaching Federation in Coaching Training Programs and in Self-Hypnosis Mp3s. She has published Happy Whole Human Handbook and Conversational Narcissism in Marriage, articles on Narcissism and Communication and Communication in Marriage in the International Encyclopedia for Interpersonal Communication, and most recently co-authored a chapter in The Sage Handbook of Organizational Wellbeing on “Applications of Neuroscience to Improve Wellbeing in Organizational Life.” with lead author Dr. Justin James Kennedy, Professor of Applied Neuroscience and fellow HWH Institute Faculty Member.

Dr. Leit has worked with individuals, couples, families and leadership teams of organizations to overcome obstacles and live happy, whole lives for sixteen years.

Dr. Leit’s first program, Happy Whole Human (HWH), begins with the individual taking a 15-minute transformative self-assessment, the assessment is available at www.happywholehuman.com.

The assessment is designed to identify and address both the 28 key dimensions of happiness and the hidden risk factors to health and to foster meaningful, measurable, and lasting results. “It pinpoints where the individual is at present, identifies what is preventing them from achieving their goals, and provides them with the guidance they need to get there,” Dr. Leit says.

“The assessment is based on my doctoral research on interpersonal psychology at the University of Texas at Austin and work with 2,000+ clients and students.” Once the results are received, the individual can review them for fifteen minutes with an HWH coach, learn more about how to obtain happiness through ecourses and affirmations, and benefit from three virtual coaching sessions with Dr. Leit.

These sessions lead to a powerful transformation for the individual in only 45 days; when individuals retake the assessment and compare the results, they are often astonished at the difference they see in themselves.

“My team and I care so much about how people feel in their work lives, so we have Happy Whole Human for businesses, the solution for companies whose employees are disengaged,” Dr. Leit states. Developed over seven years, the program is scientifically validated and evidence based, allowing corporate leadership to objectively and reliably measure employee wellness and improve it.

It has a confidential employee self-assessment and corresponding program. Companies (including Whole Foods Market, Texas Monthly, and SolarWinds) receive aggregate reports that provide a snapshot of the health of their employees. Businesses can give their employees invaluable feedback on areas of strength and opportunities for improvement while also providing leadership.

HWH then works with them to stage targeted interventions that yield measurable, lasting results. The program ultimately allows the company to track the overall health, well-being, and efficiency of its employees. The program is an excellent mix of data and humanity, helping executive teams create a more vibrant and productive workforce in less than 90 days.

Happy Whole Human Institute of Holistic Wellness, founded in 2013, offers accredited programs that prepare students for lucrative and rewarding careers in facilitating transformation in others. Students learn to create interactive, confidential healing spaces of unconditional acceptance.

The program is highly regarded for its practical, evidence-based tools and techniques that help clients to conquer their fears, get out of their own way, and learn to live lives of radiance, happiness, and fulfillment. Offerings include a 326-hour, approved, coach-specific training program accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Students may also enroll in coaching mentorships as well as the 210-hour Happy Whole Human holistic wellness coach certification program training, which includes hypnosis certification training and is accredited by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE).

The 40-hour Level 7 Relationship Coaching/Mediation certification training co-taught by Dr. Leit and HWH Certified Executive Coach and HWH Institute Faculty Member Angela Gohokar meets all requirements for mediation (conflict resolution) training in all U.S. states.

The results of Happy Whole Human prove that people can change. In one study conducted for the Validation Institute, after nine weeks, participants who took the assessment and attended weekly workshops reported a 34% improvement in emotional wellness, a 23% improvement in overall life satisfaction, and an 18% improvement in well-being and overall health.

Both the numbers and the source are important because, as Al Lewis states in his book Why No One Believes the Numbers, 90% of wellness programs may be doing more harm than good. With flawed or nonexistent means of measurement and spurious claims that are not delivered on, the public has grown skeptical of programs that claim to help participants find happiness.

However, a good report from the Validation Institute empowers purchasers to buy with confidence. The validation process is rigorous and requires an expert review of the company’s intervention, data sources, and outcome measure. Anyone who buys services from the Dr. Leit and the Happy Whole Human can do so knowing they will receive what they expect: a way to transform their life and feel increasingly radiant. 

Dr. Leit smiles as she thinks back on the lives that have been transformed through Happy Whole Human. “I have seen so many people be reinvigorated and have a stronger sense of who they are,” she says. “The happiness they feel is a real blessing and leads them onto a completely different life path. We all deserve to have that, don’t you think?”

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