Dr. Magdalena Swierczewsk’s Client Testimonials

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Dr. Magdalena Swierczewski is a board-certified physician with extensive training in Internal, Integrative, and Anti-aging Medicine, along with Facial Aesthetics. Her practice is dedicated to treating the root cause of persistent symptoms. Hence, the reason she utilizes alternative therapies as well as traditional ones.

Dr. Magdalena’s mission is to approach each patient’s unique health profile by addressing physical, mental, emotional, social, and environmental factors. Factors often overlooked in our current healthcare system that contribute to poor health. Together with her patients, she formulates a personalized plan that considers these factors while employing appropriate interventions to help patients achieve and maintain optimal health. 

She has helped countless patients suffering from an array of health problems. Many patients come to her out of frustration because they have experienced doctors who are too busy to run the proper tests or are trying alternative therapies on their own to no avail. “ With an individualized treatment plan and Dr. Magdalena’s extensive network of board-certified physicians, medical specialists, and integrative practitioners, she will start your journey to optimal health and vitality. 

Identifying the Cause of Symptoms

One patient says she is so grateful to have found Dr. Magdalena. After having her last baby, she never felt fully recovered and just felt off. Dr. Magdalena performed a thorough physical exam and extensive blood work analysis and found that the patient had a hormone imbalance.

Once the patient started hormone replacement therapy, she could finally function and take care of her children again. “I speak with each patient at length about their concerns,” the physician states. “I want to get to the root of the problem rather than just suppress the symptoms.” 

Finding the Right Treatment

Some doctors might’ve easily misdiagnosed the patient’s hormone imbalance as depression, a redcurrant theme in our current healthcare system. Another patient says she was experiencing chronic autoimmune issues, and no other physicians could figure out the root cause. The patient decided she needed to start from scratch, and Dr. Magdalena was the perfect physician to help her do that.

“Together, we were able to pinpoint areas of improvement, and through nutritional changes and stress management, I have my physical and mental health back.” The patient continues, “I had no idea that lifestyle changes and small adjustments could impact my quality of life this much.”

Improve Your Quality of Life

How much is your quality of life worth? When symptoms start to interfere with your dreams and self-esteem, that’s when you need real answers. Dr. Magdalena is the kind of doctor that will give you answers. Patients say that she is the kind of doctor who won’t give up until you feel your best. 

Dr. Magdalena specializes in many therapies geared toward turning back time biologically. As she believes aging isn’t necessarily chronological as much as it is biological. Meaning other factors contribute to aging than just your age. Not to mention addressing things that make you look older needlessly, such as hair loss. Many products make false claims about hair restoration, but the truth is that hair loss requires more than a visit to the beauty store. 

Hair Restoration Program

Many patients can attest to Dr. Magdalena’s hair restoration program, saying he experienced a total transformation. During a stressful time in one of her patient’s lives, they started to notice hair loss in different areas of their scalp. They then began her program and saw a significant increase in hair growth and the quality of the hair. “I love this program because it’s natural and non-invasive,” the patient shares. “It’s a great hair restoration program for people that don’t want to have surgery or spend a fortune.”

Optimizing Treatment

Many patients can attest to the array of services Dr. Magdalena offers. These services are geared toward finding the root cause and addressing these issues without further aggravation. Dr. Magdalena believes that a healthy lifestyle can complement traditional western medicine. Her knowledge of integrative therapies and internal medicine is what helps patients optimize their treatments and finally experience the life they’ve always wanted. 

For more information, visit: http://www.drmagdalenas.com.


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