Dr. Ravi Patel and the Value of Multidisciplinary Learning

Born on 16 August, 1992, in a suburb called Des Plaines near Chicago, Illinois, Dr. Ravi Patel was a first-generation American born, whose breadth of experiences and travels helped him find his passion. His journey began by traveling to different parts of the world to get international exposure and education. In the early days, he was sent to a boarding school named G.D. Birla Memorial School in Ranikhet, India. He wasn’t aware of it back then, but this first step in his journey turned out to be a really big turning point in his life and for the years to come.

Moving from place to place while studying in different parts of the world, he would pursue his passion for Chiropractic medicine. This brought him one step closer towards finding his true passion in life.

Seeing the people in India in dire need of Chiropractic Care, Dr. Ravi Patel took it upon himself to give back to the community and come back every year for as long as he could. It was there and then that he realized that not all countries are as fortunate to have Chiropractic Care as a health and wellness option. Having been well-equipped with the knowledge and experiences that he has amassed over the years, he has vowed to spread awareness regarding Chiropractic Care and provide it to clients that require it through his very popular social platforms.

He then realized his true passion: no matter how many things he has learned and experienced in life, he desired to improve the quality of life of individuals with the help of Chiropractic medicine. But the esteemed Dr. Ravi Patel was not always this way. Being a multidisciplinary individual takes a lot of passion and effort, two things that Dr. Ravi clearly had.

He explains that he was not as academically talented when he was young, but his passion for learning and his go-getter attitude made him face adversity at a very young age and manage to overcome all the academic challenges that came his way. During this entire experience, he managed to learn how to read and write in three different languages and unlock his true potential. 

Soon enough, he completed his Bachelor of Science in Biology at Loyola University and Masters in Public Health at Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois. Along with pursuing his education, he also worked towards helping people as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). 

Developing an interest in healthcare, he decided to take the MCAT to pursue a career in medicine. He was scoring exceptionally well, being in 97th percentile. It was at that moment when Dr. Ravi Patel finally took the first step into pursuing a career in Chiropractic Medicine. He planned on obtaining his education at Life Chiropractic College West, while also learning the organization of business and entrepreneurship through their family business. He became more and more passionate about achieving his goals, along with spreading more chiropractic awareness on Instagram. 

Dr. Ravi Patel has gained multiple experiences by traveling all over the world and dedicating himself to his cause. His multidisciplinary nature has advanced him into one of the best practitioners of Chiropractic care, having a wide array of skills and experience has fostered the esteemed doctor into a holistic individual. A testament to his multidisciplinary nature is his passion for dancing, which has grown since he was a child with dancing styles ranging from Bollywood, hip-hop, to even fusion. Performing his first dance in a Bollywood fusion at his wedding reception with his own wife, lead to a viral Tik Tok video reaching over 30 million people. Ravi is an individual that has set his sights on a goal and has no plans of backing down until he’s made his mark on the world.

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