Dr. Ryan Neinstein on the Importance of Helping Others

Dr. Ryan Neinsten as founder of Neinstein Plastic Surgery

“If you are willing to take a step back to be brutally honest with yourself and evaluate what really matters, I think you will come to the conclusion that it is your impact on others that will give you a sense of fulfillment far beyond any material item or superficial award,” says Dr. Ryan Neinstein, founder of Neinstein Plastic Surgery.

Growing up as the grandchild of Holocaust survivors, Dr. Neinstein always felt the need to serve others and was naturally drawn to medicine. Early in his medical studies, Dr. Neinstein was attracted by the hands-on aspect of surgery and decided to specialize in plastic surgery to help people feel and look the best version of themselves.

After working for years in traditional clinical settings, Dr. Neinstein decided it was time to open his own clinic, and in 2012, founded Neinstein Plastic Surgery. With over 5,000 cases and one in every three patients coming from a foreign country, Dr. Neinstein and his team are now renowned for their talent at empowering women by helping them feel comfortable in their bodies after intense experiences such as childbirth.

“Plastic Surgery serves a unique role in medicine. Whereas most surgical pursuits are to reverse injury or disease to return to baseline in Plastic Surgery we have the opportunity to enhance form and function, something unique and exciting in any life pursuit,” said Dr. Neinstein. 

Focusing on helping others rather than personal gain has always been Dr. Neinstein’s motto. According to him, inspiring the growth of others is always more rewarding than personal growth, and this is why Neinstein Plastic Surgery closely works with nonprofits to support minorities and have a positive impact on disadvantaged local communities.

“Nothing ever gets easier. There’s no easy way to climb a mountain, you just have to get used to low oxygen,” said Dr. Neinstein.

According to his philosophy of life, success is painful by definition as it revolves around sacrifice and relentless overcoming failures. In light of this, the only way to make it big is to enjoy the process rather than merely focus on the destination, and the key to achieving this is to help others:

“When you are process driven, there is no end point. There is no winning or losing, there is just the passion of the pursuit,” said Dr. Neinstein.

But how can you put this into practice? How can you focus on people while supporting your business and personal growth in the process? 

Change your definition of success

According to Dr. Neinstein, success can be defined as ‘moral and civic excellence in daily life.’ Basing your idea of success on a sense of happiness in yourself and those around you rather than material gains will immediately simplify your life and help you clarify your next steps. 

Give back to your community 

One of the best ways to focus on others is by giving back to your community. For instance, Dr. Neinstein and his team take part in several initiative funding non-profit organizations such as The Release Recovery, which provides professional treatment to people struggling with addiction and mental health. Becoming an active member of your local community is a fundamental step for every entrepreneur who wants to grow his business. In addition, this will give you a sense of reward that will keep you motivated throughout the process.

“Neinstein Plastic Surgery is more than just a medical practice, we are an integral part of our community. (…) The Neinstein Plastic Surgery Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good program is our initiative to help bring these virtuous principles to life. The goal is simple, for Neinstein Plastic Surgery to give back to its community by supporting great causes.” 

Find the right work environment 

Before founding his own clinic, Dr. Neinstein has been working for years in traditional clinical practices, but he felt something was missing.

“Going to work every day was not exciting. (…) Why do surgical and medical offices not excite the team that functions within? Well, these are the thoughts and driving forces that led me to open my own practice.”

Dr. Neinstein wanted to work in an environment where surgeons could feel the excitement of their jobs and would feel connected to their patients and this is why he decided to found Neinstein Plastic Surgery. According to him, your workspace always has to reflect your core values as an entrepreneur, otherwise, it will prevent you from growing and achieving personal success. 

 “I knew that if we could ignite and excite the team and create a culture of employee happiness, it would permeate into the patient experience,” turning a usually stressful procedure into an exciting experience for the patient.

This is what distinguished Neinstein Plastic Surgery from other clinics and is the main reason so many women and men from all over the world are now flying to NYC to meet Dr. Neinstein. 

“If you focus on people your mission will remain eternal. Our team members have a fun-loving attitude but a servant’s heart. Our special sauce is the love for each other, the patient, and the process,” said Dr. Neinstein.

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