Dr. Shankar Iyer Addresses the Etiology of Dental Issues in his Course

“Keep your Teeth for Life ” is the slogan Dr. Shankar Iyer, a prominent Prosthodonist who specializes in teeth replacement and dental implants, utilizes in his lectures. Dr. Iyer’s approach has attracted several dentists all over the world to rethink how dentistry should be practiced. Whenever one visits the dentist, it is always associated with pain, noise and the fear of being hurt. This paranoia can be overcome if preventive visits are made early on in one’s life is what Dr. Iyer professes.

“How you appear has a lot to do with how you appeal” and to enable one to have a healthy smile one should look into Dr. Iyer’s educational programs that focuses on how one can keep their teeth for life. “Ageing and tooth loss are not related so there should be no reason why one should keep losing teeth as we grow old”. Dr. Iyer does not promote replacements even though he is a Prosthodontist. He is a strong proponent of keeping maintainable teeth so its function can be extended. “Dental implants preside over failure of our ability to maintain our teeth”. It is far less expensive to go to a dentist to maintain one’s oral health than to have expensive implant replacement.

According to Dr. Iyer baring high sugar diet, sticky foods and poor oral hygiene, there is no reason one should get decay. Doing fillings after fillings is not the solution to a good dental health. Prevention should be the hallmark in medicine. Just like in medicine if we see an increase in numbers of stents being placed and open-heart surgeries in a community, it does not spell affluence, technology and skills to treat such conditions, it just exposes the poor health that prevails in these communities.

Through his courses Dr. Iyer has been able to change the lives of dentists all over the world with a revolutionary thought process that addresses the etiology of the problem and not directly treat with solutions. With a strong referral base back in his NJ practice, Dr. Iyer has consistently been chosen one of New Jersey’s top dentists by his peers.

Dr. Iyer prides in his custom solutions for his patients with a medical model and this has significantly enhanced his interactions with his Medical colleagues from other specialties. “The mouth is a reflection of what is happening to your body – it’s your health marker” is how he gets his patients to understand the importance of the health interrelationships.

Smile USA Foundation is the charitable organization that provides free oral prosthesis to needy patients and even dental implants are being offered at no charge to those who are debilitated and are not able to afford expensive implants.

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