Dr. Snehal Adsule: A Recognized Dietitian Promoting Healthy Lifestyle for Women in India.

“Heal Your Body Through Healthy Diet. Health and Cheerfulness naturally beget each other.”

Women’s health is influenced by many factors: social and cultural and some biological factors as well. India is lacking behind in terms of quality of lifestyle women have here. Profound studies reported that women was more sickly and disable then men throughout the life cycle. In many areas of the country specially the slum and remote areas, basic healthcare for people are unavailable.

Many health experts have suggested that the health and nutritional status of Indian women are becoming worse due to the atmosphere they live in and the daily life practices they follow. Many professionals in the health industry are stepping ahead to combat health problems in women in India. Dr. SnehalAdsule: A recognized dietitian and health expert have been working to provide nutritional diet plan and promote a healthy lifestyle among the women’s in India.

‘Eat Desi Lose Weight Easy’: life mantra of Dr. Snehal Adsule. She believes and recommends desi home-cooked food to lose weight and to stay healthy. Dr. Snehal Adsule has done MD (Alternative Medicine) , BHMS, Diploma in Nutrition and diet personal Counselor, and REBT Therapist. She has been the 1st member of her family to start a business. Her sole motive is to make 1 million Indian women healthy, happy, and empowered.

In Jan 2019 Dr. SnehalAdsule was praised by Brand Impact for her hard work and dedication to the “Most Trusted Dietitian of the year” Award. Food and stress are two main things that lead to 68% of disorders of women according to the NHFS-III survey. The death of her Aunt has left a great impact on the life of Dr. Snehal Adsule.

After that incident, she met hundreds of women who were suffering from some of the other problems, and the reason was common: Stress and Food. This survey made her inclined towards women’sproblems, and she started with her mission to help 1 million Indian women to get healthy, happy so they can be the best version of themselves.

Dr. Snehal Adsule has got specialization in weight loss for women who are: housewife, Working women, Post-pregnancy weight loss, PCOD/Thyroid patients, for the teenager, menopausal women, and many more through 3 simple ways:- Desi Diet; Stress, sleep, and water intake management, 30 min walk/daily. Her professional skills and effective treatment have gained 10,000+ clients in 51 countries across the world.

A balanced eating pattern is a keystone of health. Women require special nutrients needs to fulfill the requirements of their body during each stage of their life. Nutritional-rich food provides energy for women’s busy life routine. A healthy diet plan includes Iron Rich foods which are important for good health but in a correct amount which differs at every stage in life.

Daily Calcium and Vitamin D requirements: calcium keeps the bones strong and reduces the risk for osteoporosis. A moderate amount of sugar and fat to maintain the optimum body weight and prevent themselves from obesity. A balanced intake of calories with daily activity to maintain a healthy body weight and activity level. “Healthy eating for good Heart beating.”

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Written by Matthew Thomas

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