Dragon’s Crossing Crypto NFT Game: Did they FOMO or Pass?

George Tung, founder and host of CryptosRUs and Brian D. Evans, serial entrepreneur and Web3 investor, recently started airing episodes of FOMO or Pass. The two teamed up to invite projects to pitch on the show, deciding in the end whether to Fomo or Pass. The kicker, the results are a secret to the project until after the episode airs. 

The first episode entertained a pitch from Dragon’s Crossing. The project founder, Eric, joined the show to present his project for the allotted time of five minutes. During his pitch, we learn that the game is a Web3 Dungeon Crawler RPG that has been developing in stealth mode for the last 15 months. Their intent is to offer a real and playable game, at launch. 

Eight Weeks prior to the airing of the episode, Dragon’s Crossing started slowly exiting stealth mode, launching their discord, twitter, and you tube. They also set a mint date for late May for their NFT Heroes. According to Eric, minting a hero is the only way to play the game, and is the first step to beginning a quest through the Dragon’s Crossing. This Rogue like RPG Web3 game has different classes of NFT heroes, and the supply of NFT heroes is in control of those that own these 2,500 Genesis NFTs. By playing the game, players find summoning shards to create rift heroes, which are the only way for new players beyond the Genesis holders to enter the game.

The project founder said they are now 6 weeks from launch, and have created amazing art, voice acting, and an original score. The game has NPC blacksmiths and herbalists where players can buy in-game items or healing potions. There is also the standard RPG inventory area similar to traditional Web2 games. As players venture into the game there is a game loop that takes players to different zones providing a gaming experience that will be familiar to those that have played Web2 RPGs.

After the pitch, Brian’s first question was not about the game but the founders. Projects are built by people and investors ultimately are sold by teams, not just the product. George continued on that line, questioning how the team was assembled. It’s certainly interesting to see in real time, how seasoned investors and advisors’ approach and dissect projects. 

The questions then turned toward game mechanics and 3d integration. When asked, Eric said Building 3D MMOS is expensive and a lot of games fail, so rather than go that route, they focused on creating a competitive PVP environment that is stimulating visually, and fun. 

The project will be launching on Arbitrum, and Eric was able to answer several tough questions on the mechanics behind increasing the value of the NFT, early investors, the pay to play decision, sustainable gaming models, and much more.

When Brian hit the founder with several marketing questions, Eric managed to field them with skill, discussing their target market, number of players needed to call it a success, and their ‘full blitz’ marketing plan. 

George then touched on the token, which was not yet covered. Eric explained the token, DCX, and the utility of it. Players will need DCX for entry and several game mechanics. This opened up a discussion of the vesting schedule, which led to a little bit of hesitation for the remainder of the episode. 

The intense grilling closed with some questions that should probably be on everyone’s list while investigating projects for investment, and you’ll have to watch the show to get the full scope. 

One of the most interesting parts is watching Brian and George discuss the project after the founder has left. This gives some valuable insight into the mind of successful investors.

Will they Fomo or Pass? You can watch the full video here:


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