Drama Follows Cancellation of Sotheby’s CryptoPunk NFT Auction

As the rate of acceptance of crypto currency and other financial technology initiatives like Non Fungible Tokens continue to rise, these industries have also started recording their own pockets of crisis, some of which are exclusive to their mode of operation only.

One of these forms of crisis occurred when the sole owner of some digital assets scheduled to be sold in an NFT digital auction unilaterally decided to cancel the sale at the last minute.

Before the cancellation, the auction house, Sotheby, had put in place all necessary machinery to ensure it’s host of the sale, titled Punk It, go smoothly.

During the sale, which was scheduled for February 18, precisely 104 CryptoPunk NFTs would have been up for grabs come for the highest bidder.

However, this turned out to be impossible as the sole owner decided to pull out of the arrangement at the last minute, leaving the prepared host, potential buyers and buyers and of the crypto community in general in an utter state of shock.

Perhaps more interestingly, the decision to pull out by the sole owner of the Punk was announced on foremost microblogging app, Twitter in the most hilarious of ways.

‘Nvm, decided to hodl,’ the pseudonymous collector 0x650d took to tweeted in response  to the initial ‘Punk It!’ announcement.

The user than added  a contextualised version of an iconic Drake meme which pokes fun at the chaos they had caused.

Responding to this, the Founder of RugRadio, Farokh called out the conniving Punk owner openly.

“Bro you suck stop acting like you rugged Sotheby’s lmao you made everyone look stupid. Even the press here is laughing at us because of you stop hiding the guilt behind dumb ass memes,” Farokh tweeted.

Although 0x650d’s decision to pull out of the mass Punk offering remains largely unknown, a tweet they made (which is now deleted) which reads ‘sEe wHO’s dUmb eNouGh TO PAY the AUcTIon HouSE pREMIuM’ may hold some explanatory value.

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