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Dropship Tribe Founder Nestor Castro on How to Drive Success in E-Commerce

A man who knows no boundaries, transforming e-commerce into a world full of learning and service to society.

E-commerce has become a novelty for entrepreneurs and businessmen who want to experience the progressive growth of their businesses or projects. However, due to its wide scope, entering this world can be overwhelming for many people. It is in this aspect that entrepreneurs like Nestor Castro saw a business opportunity.

After 12 months of military service in the United States and serving the country on a combat mission in Afghanistan, Castro returned to his normal life. This aspect, he assures, was much more complex than the experience in the army itself, since recovering his life traditionally, as part of a society, was a challenge.

However, his vocation of service and leadership skills motivated him to start in the police security corps, becoming a prominent officer for 5 years. After this time, with enough discipline and accumulated experience, Castro decided to move on to a new stage in his life. This time, his ability to help society would lead him to enter the e-commerce game.

As a man of hard tests and who’s used to challenges, discipline, and hard training, he started working in the digital environment and became a successful and experienced e-commerce entrepreneur through drop shipping.

Challenges and Failures

To think that success came suddenly and quickly is a mistake. Like his combat in Afghanistan, the experience of starting in e-commerce led him through a lot of unpleasant moments where failure remained the main character.

However, his unwavering willingness and focus on his purpose was enough motivation to continue overcoming obstacles and turning them into learning that would allow him to achieve remarkable results today, such as his drop shipping companies achieving multiple incomes of up to 6 figures.

Harvest and Return

After the remarkable success he had achieved in his drop shipping business, Castro did not abandon his vocation to serve the community, this time with the commitment to give back a little of the good things he had harvested. That is why he decided to combine his desire to help and the results he had obtained so far. That is how the Dropship Tribe was born.

It is a company destined to guide and help other people, specifically entrepreneurs, to achieve financial freedom and succeed in e-commerce, just like this ex-military man did.

Contributing to Innovation

Castro wasn’t just hoping to help other people start their businesses. He also wanted to help established companies find ways to innovate and reinvent themselves in the digital environment while it is becoming increasingly essential to maintain an online presence.

This aspect is of great value because, in situations like the COVID-19, hundreds of companies saw their stability threatened by the recession, with the Internet being a valuable option to strengthen their growth and continue to offer products and services.

Training and Knowledge

Castro believes that there is no better weapon to start the development of a business than training and knowledge. That is why, in addition to guiding marketing processes, social networks, websites, and many other topics for the effective start of an online business, he is implementing training strategies in financial education for young people.

He assures that this is a strengthening element for the future. What he highlights will help keep them more focused on the scope of their purpose and the real value of money.

For Castro, influencing, transforming, and generating new knowledge in the entrepreneurial society, especially in young entrepreneurs, is elementary. That is why his work does not stop. Although his success is growing, his work, dedication, and effort are also growing.

He emphasizes that being in love with his work has been one of the most valuable tools to dedicate himself completely to it and find the balance to constantly advance enjoying his success while striving to improve and provide better service.

Currently, he is constantly launching various websites, promoting the entrepreneurial spirit in others, and helping them in the process of finding opportunities to make money online, even in times that seem difficult like the present.

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Written by Kevin Leyes

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