Dropshipping At Its Finest: Know It All From Christian Green

Dropshipping has become extremely popular these days due to the facilities that it has offered to not only the suppliers and manufacturers but also to the customers. To make it clear, it is a form of particular retail business where a particular seller will accept all orders, but they will not keep the stock ready at hand. although it might sound a little inconvenient, it is helpful through both ends.

This particular online business helps the suppliers, or rather we call manufacturers to deliver all the products to the buyer, who also happens to be a customer to the drop shipper itself. However, the drop-shipper is not involved in the entire delivery process, their job is to make sure that they are sharing the client details along with the delivery address, the rest of the procedure is certainly taken care of.

Having a list of products that they are selling offers a lot of market information to people from both sides so that they can have complete market knowledge, and one can never go wrong with transparency. After all, a business relies on this.

We can rightfully say that Christian Green is an eCommerce entrepreneur who has been involved in drop shipping for a very long time now. There are a number of advantages in this kind of business, because it involves a lesser rate of risk, and has the potential to expand and scale up a lot. When he first launched this business in 2019, he was certain that it would grow by leaps and bounds.

According to expectations, as soon as the dropshipping business began, the sales soar up to 120k! And all of this happened only in a span of a month, allowing Christian Green to actually realise the true potential and calculate the amount of success that he would gain further in the industry. Only recently he was able to take the brand sales to around 1,000,000 and doubled it in the next year.

Particularly in October Christian started along with his brand located in California. This fulfilment centre also increased its sales up to 2.4 million later on, and now we can say that his business is running a fulfilment centre successfully, which is still operational to this date. After its initial launch, it managed to cross the $3.5 million mark in sales itself.

This is a very big achievement for any entrepreneur, and Christian Green is certainly proud to have done so in such a short span of time, through every risk and difficulty that he had faced, the biggest of it all being the pandemic situation entire world is in.

To know more about how he achieved it all, follow Christian Green on his Instagram on his handle @christiangreen.jpg.

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