Dubai’s Entrepreneur Matthias Mende disrupting the Celebrity World with the BONUZ Market Project

Matthias mende

Matthias Mende is one of the well-known names when it comes to Dubai-based entrepreneurs. Mende and his history with Entrepreneurship go way back. Mende became an entrepreneur at a very young age, he started working at the age of 9.

Mende completed his education in Germany at a Business College while running a car customizing webshop and a garage. He later moved to Dubai in 2007 and has been operating everything from there since then. Mende holds a few board and advisor roles including Marketing Advisor at HYGH AG, Icetech, Unit Ventures, and is the Founder at MEMMOS.

Mende founded MEMMOS in 2011. Memmos is an award-winning social media agency and digital think tank which specializes in social media marketing, growth hacking and Influencer or Celebrity campaigns. Beginning in 2018, Matthias Mende was appointed as Chief Strategic Officer at Block Gemini and served there till 2021.

Block Gemini is one of the largest Blockchain software development houses in the Middle East. He helped in building some of the most disruptive enterprise blockchain implementations for governments and other enterprises.

Currently, Matthias is the Advisor to the CEO of the Dubai Blockchain Center. An educational government-related blockchain office in the UAE. Helping developing the UAE’s Blockchain Ecosystem and future implementations of disruptive technologies. Along with all of that, Mende is totally busy building Bonuz Market. He stated that he allocated 90% of his time to the Bonuz Project.

Bonuz is a celebrity token ecosystem and platform that allows its users to purchase exclusive access to their favorite and popular celebrity’s channel through owning blockchain-based tokens. $BONUZ is the native platform token that supports the entire Bonuz Ecosystem. It’s similar to Binance which has BNB or FTX which has FTT. $BONUZ finances the Bonuz platform by raising capital and by selling the $BONUZ Token.

Currently, the initial $BONUZ Token can be reserved on the Bonuz Marketplace for a limited amount to early subscribers for the public sale which will be happening Beginning of September. 

Already the first round sold completely out to Mende’s friends and followers and reached a current 25 Million Dollar Token Valuation. The team is using Solana Blockchain Technology to power the platform.

The celebrities that’ll be on Bonuz Market could be popular artists, singers, actors, influencers, politicians or even an astronaut. Bonuz is aiming to launch 100 Celebrity Tokens over the first year and 1000 Celebrity Tokens by the third year. A fan that’ll own a celebrity token will be known as a Celebrity Token Holder (CTH). Only a CTH will have access to the celebrity’s private communication channel.

Fans will receive pictures, videos, and audio content that isn’t available on other social media platforms. Basically, Bonuz will give fans the opportunity to be closer to their favorite celebrities than ever before and gain exclusive access to functions beyond just content.

Mende mentioned on an Instagram live call with billionaire Saygin Yalcin that a metaverse where fans will be able to hang out with their favorite artists is planned on the roadmap.

Matthias mende

Following Mende on social media gives an impression that he is surrounded by celebrities like Ludacris, DJ Khaled, Huda Kattan, Rashed Bel Hasa, Julius Dein, Lil Wayne, Jason Derulo, Saygin Yalcin, Lukas Rieger, Justin Rockefeller, Rick Ross, DJ Drama, Mero, Xatar, Eno, Akay, Kollegah, Cuba Gooding Junior, Sheikh Al Maktoum, Jacqueline Fernandez, Mo Vlogs, Lil Jon, Michelle Rodriguez, S1, Vin Diesel, Jeremie Davinci, Carl from the Moon and Christopher Jaszcynski who is currently the biggest Bitcoin Influencer in the World.

Seems like a Unicorn is in the making. We wish you good luck on that journey and will report on exciting updates in the near future.

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