Dubai’s Popular Entrepreneur Sanan Sanani Takes Over the Internet

Sanan Sanani is one of those young superstars in the world of real estate investment and coaching that is taking the internet by storm. He carries years of experience from his mentors like his father and his sphere of influence, and is now aiming at a future hotspot of real estate in eastern Europe.

Find out more about him and his vision in addition to his current real estate target in an interview I managed to do with him. So interested in real estate investment and a success story by a young entrepreneur like you or the future you? Stick around and check out this informative interview:

Can you tell us more about your family?

Sure, I come from a family of real estate entrepreneurs based in Vienna, they were primarily specialists in Fix and Flips, renovating older buildings into newer ones. A lot of what I learned was initially from my parents who both met during a real estate transaction where my father was the agent and my mother was the buyer, they both had their own companies where they would renovate old apartments then sell them for capital gains. However, if it’s one thing that they’ve warned me about, and something Robert Kiyosaki warns too, is that in a long-term perspective, selling your properties for quick capital gains is a huge loss and something my father and Robert Kiyosaki have in common is they both wish they would’ve bought more and kept them as it would’ve been 30!

What is your first experience in Real Estate?

My first experience in real estate was horrible, I was paying monthly installments on an off plan property for two years, I was paying it and it wasn’t paying me! And then I found it very difficult to sell at a profit and the service charges were expenses and it was cash flowing negative meaning I had to take money out of my pocket to keep it rather than the other way around.

When did you join the Real Estate Industry?

Apart from listening to conversations at almost every dinner table, I started learning real estate on my own as well but I never really took action. The day I really started was when I found myself in a really dark place metaphorically after having lost my savings, health, relationship, happiness, and it was only after losing everything that was known to me that I was willing to make some changes and get serious about securing my financial future. I started out as a Luxury Real Estate Agent and Business Development Manager at a Belgium real estate company in Dubai and after 1 year and 8 months I left for Georgia to invest in an abandoned 4-plex project I had found and also founded my own company specifically designed to help Foreign investors invest both profitably and safely.

How did you begin to really invest like a professional?

When I lost everything I started listening to my five real estate mentors… together they own over 18,000 units across the globe, my plan was to absorb everything they taught me like a sponge and replicate their success. I travelled to Tbilisi , the capital of Georgia, an emerging market in the Caucasus Region and began investing and here I learned how to invest for high cash on cash returns using leverage.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself managing a 100 unit multi family complex allowing foreign investors to join me by placing their capital inside these properties with me for hands-free returns. Also, I see myself having helped thousands of investors in the region, helping all sorts of income earners from low income to high income, diversify their main source of income by turning their hard earned income into unearned income so that they can feel more free and more secure in their life. I will teach them how to do it themselves wherever they live.

And, finally, what made you so popular on the internet?

I spent a lot of my time and energy providing value for free across the web and found my vision was relevant to so many people across the globe. I’ve helped hundreds, the old and young, the rich and poor, create a real estate investing roadmap personalized to their stage, in life showing how to use real estate as a vehicle to achieve an extraordinary life.

Key Takeaways

The interview was not only inspiring but also informative. For my money, the following can be away as lifetime lessons for future real estate entrepreneurs:

  • Starting at a young age is the key to success.
  • Mentors play a significant role in the development of great leaders.
  • Always look out for new opportunities and stay pragmatic.
  • Stay relevant. People want to be empathized not sympathized!

Learn more about Sanan Sanani by a quick search for his name. He has a lot to share despite his age! Connect with Sanan Sanani by clicking here.

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