Duke of Photography: Journey of Vanshdeep Sisodia Towards Success Amid Hardships

Vanshdeep Singh Sisodia

Photography in general is a systematic use of technology, but capturing life with one click is an Art. Skill, passion, and right endured eye is needed to add an inch of nostalgia to what is being captured. With similar determination and zeal, here is someone who has accomplished this art of visual personification. 

“Doing My Thing”; conceptualizing on this moto, Vanshdeep Singh Sisodia, who hails from Bhopal, at a mere age of 21, has become a brand in photography. He is a live example of how a hobby with passion and die-hard love becomes a successful choice in a career.

He won the MP Tourism #CitywalksFestival 2018 and was highly appreciated for his iconic click which was commendably done with a phone while others in the competition were DSLR holders. His cinematographic skills inviting 35000 followers on Instagram, narrates the saga of how creativity can arm one’s life.

But, as it is usually said, beneath success lies a lot of hard work, patience, and sacrifice; similar is a tail connected to this successful lad who is now the duke in the kingdom of Photography.  Vanshdeep who always had an inclination towards photography, though, had never thought of pursuing the same as a career option. In a general scenario, he also worked as an ordinary fellow and aimed to become a computer science engineer and crack IIT-JEE. After dropping for one year for the same he got admission in engineering.

However, call from his passion persuaded him to leave the same. This was a highly risky choice as he belonged to a middle-class family with little savings and his parents had already devoted each penny to his and his brother’s education. As he recalls this as the toughest period of his life; depression, anxiety all built on the facets of uncertainty, and less money surrounded him. He expresses, “I almost lost myself, and I was feeling like a loser”. 

Moving ahead he now stands at a position, where he says “you can grow very, very big, in this field. I never thought that I would achieve something from this field, I just started doing it, and I enjoyed it, and suddenly, I started getting collaborations and got achievements.” His firm collaboration journey started in 2019 when Realme the first big brand approached him and he worked with them for one long year.

Thereafter, he happens to have been approached by various brands like Xiaomi, Tecno. Currently, he is working with OnePlus.  He in collaboration with Fujifilm also made a small cinematic film on Bhopal and his short series “Bhopal: Where heart melts in peace” is a remarkable peace bringing out the essence of his native city.

His work experience extends to renowned brands like Daniel Wellington, Joby (served as Joby mentor for a year), Manfrotto, Noise, etc. One of his videos also got licensed by Madhya Pradesh Tourism to be published on their social media channels. As an achiever born out of hard work, he even won GoPro awards and is also a National Winner of the GoPro Hero 9 Contest run by Rann Vijay Singha.

A range of publications has featured his work a few worth mentioning is published as a Cover photo of SAFARNAMA magazine by IG Bhopal and published on LonelyPlanet India, Nikon India, CreativeImage Magazine.

Apart from his achievements, he has been a motivational speaker and have had been conducting workshops linked to photography across the nation. A few years back he was approached by Thrillophilia to motivate and influence people regarding traveling, filmmaking, and photography. He was even nominated for TEDx BitsPilani as their motivational speaker. 

Entailing to his experience and traveling journey he says in optimism, “I go on exploration daily, and whenever I explore around the city, I try to find the beauty and uniqueness in everything.” His success mantra relies on his three self-made rules, “The 3 C’s of Photography”: Calculate, Concentrate, Create. His artistic skills extend to his visionary take of “looking at things differently than others”.

For budding photographers, he says, “Anything is acceptable when it comes to photography because it is all about creativity and creativity lies beneath every individual”. So, pick the camera, click the picture, practice the right frame and learn from every bit. 

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