Dyna Edyne: Enjoying the Journey as a Modern-Day Artist

Many of us think that being an artist is practically living the dream. We tend to look upon creatives as these free, liberated people, in touch with their emotions, and ultimately happier. But the truth that all artists know is, it’s not really all that it’s cracked up to be. Don’t get us wrong, being an artist is a fantastic, exciting journey, but that’s just it. Most artists are so focused on achieving success and “making it”, that they forget to be happy or free or any of that. But not all.

In a recent conversation with musician Dyna Edyne, we were reminded of what it means to be an artist in the middle of their journey. And to enjoy it. From the first words she speaks, Dyna immediately strikes you as a grounded, free person. You think to yourself, here is someone in a deep connection with her roots.

But then, that’s also what transpires through her music, a refreshing mix of hip hop, R&B and soul elements that rock your world. But we’re not here to only talk about Dyna Edyne’s music, per se, beautiful though it may be. We were talking about Edyne’s outlook on being an artist. 

The Haitian American artist knows how to connect with her emotions, but also keeps them in check. She does this in her latest release, “I Don’t Work for You”, but also in her professional life. Make no mistake about it, here is an artist who’s deeply committed to making it in the business. This comes across both from her attitude, but also from the devotion she applies to making quality music. Like most artists out there, she wants to get somewhere, and we think she will.

But she also knows how to enjoy the journey, because that’s what creativity is, at the end of the day. A process, not a destination. And maybe that’s where many artists lose themselves. They want it all, and they want it now, whereas Edyne…. She’s just glad to be here. To be able to put her most complex thoughts and emotions into music.

What I enjoy most is the friends I’ve created on this journey. It feels more like family. And the collaborations we get to look back at and see where we’re at now is always a priceless feeling.

When you talk to her, it almost feels like you’re the artist, and you get to enjoy all these exciting things she’s living through. It’s pretty much the same when you listen to her music. Edyne sings with great emotion and will most likely rattle something inside you. The reason we love listening to Edyne is that she takes us along for the ride with any and every song she brings out. And what an awesome ride that is. 

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