E-commerce Enterprise Offers Their Investors a Done-for-you Solution

Robert Del Grande is the Founder and CEO of Omega Holding Group a Done-For-You E-commerce business.

For the last several years, Robert has been growing his E-commerce businesses from the ground up. In 2019 he launched his first automation company An online website dedicated to managing and running his client’s e-commerce stores.

Robert specializes in building and scaling online Amazon stores for his clients. By taking over all the heavy lifting Robert and his team have eliminated the risk for those looking to invest in a steady flow of passive income. The client’s responsibilities are simple, open an LLC and provide the start up costs and fulfillment costs. Their business model is designed to provide their clients a passive and constant flow of income.

In February of 2021, Omega Holding group reached a new milestone surpassing $750,000 worth of products sold on Amazon in a one month time frame. A monumental achievement in the E-commerce space. Robert and his team are ambitious and plan to break that record in the months to come.

In May of this year Robert and Omega Holding Group plan to launch where business owners can register their online business for sale. Entrepreneurs in the market looking to acquire established e-commerce companies soon will be able to browse their database to find a perfect fit. Roberts company will act as a broker between the seller and buyer ensuring a smooth transition process.

Their goal is to broker over 1000 e-commerce business transactions within their first 12-18 months. By expanding their business Omega Holding Group will soon offer entrance to the e-commerce space at all levels. “If someone is looking to purchase their own business and do the work themselves that’s something we will soon be able to offer, while also offering the done-for-you approach.”  

As the e-commerce space continues to grow Robert and the team at Omega Holding Group look forward to expanding their platform for years to come. Their main priority is always to ensure client satisfaction. “Our clients take a leap of faith with us and we don’t take that lightly. My entire team works tirelessly to ensure our clients are taken care of for the life of our partnership.”  

When asked what his biggest advice would be for someone looking to get started in the e-commerce space Robert had this to say. “Make sure you understand how to prevent suspensions and make sure you know everything about Amazon 100% before taking clients into your business.”  

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Written by Ben Hochheiser

Ben Hochheiser is an American entrepreneur & sales consultant from NY.

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