E-Sports Video Producer Adrian Falkor Børresen Is a One-Man Show … For Now

It’s not that Adrian Falkor Børresen hates teamwork; it’s just that he likes getting things done on his own. If he’s got a specific vision, he wants to be the one to execute it, never quite sure of the abilities of someone else to put into action what’s in his head.

Though most people haven’t seen him on screen, he’s responsible for many of the graphics and frames that they probably have seen. With over 1 billion views, he’s worked with some of the biggest names in gaming and esports YouTube content.

A multimedia producer who’s a self-described “one-man show,” Adrian likes to power through both on what he knows and what he doesn’t know. Hitting a wall in his knowledge leaves him unbothered; he’ll simply set himself to learning whatever new thing he needs to learn in order to complete the task at hand.

Getting Ready to Leap

That said, Adrian recognizes that he’ll probably eventually need to hire someone to help him out. How else could he accomplish everything he wants to and learn the new skills that he’s aiming for on top of it?

As one of YouTube’s most sought-after behind-the-scenes producers, he’s prided himself on doing everything on his own. But if he wants to grow, there’s only so much more he can do on his own.

He’ll likely be looking for someone that he can train and mentor to help him out soon. When he does, he’ll look for someone who is “hard-working, creative, reliable, genuine,” and positive—someone with whom he’d be able to be friends.

One Eye on the Task, Another on the Future

This is the area in which Adrian most wants to grow. In the rapidly changing world of video production, where novelty is always key, he wants to make sure that he stays ahead of the curve. To keep his business relevant, he wants to make sure that his skill set is constantly growing while still being able to maintain his reliability, his excellent work quality, and the same quick turnaround time that he’s famous for.

Where does all that motivation come from? “Not being American, living in a fairly small Norwegian town, I’ve lived a pretty slow life with very little opportunities around me, especially creative ones.” While life there is safe and relatively easy, Adrian craves more experience and growth. He hopes to find it in the US, which he sees as “one of the most culturally diverse and engaging places in the world.”

In addition to wanting to grow professionally and get away from small-town life, he’s also thinking of his parents, who he’d like to give an early retirement.

Lessons and Goals

He seems well on track to do so. Having already delighted millions of viewers with the videos he’s produced, his main goal is to, essentially, crush his smaller goals. He wants to entertain as many people as possible, and that’s what he’s doing. So, what does he want now? Why, to entertain even more, of course!

In the coming months, especially after the shock of the COVID-19 pandemic that proved to be as much an income killer for him as it did for so many others, he’s hoping to scale his business and work harder than ever. He wants to help his clients increase their own audience numbers as he himself prepares for any future economic interruptions that may come about.

Believe it or not, this incredibly successful venture is Adrian’s first business. While he considered giving up during the pandemic, he persevered, ultimately finding the clients that he currently works with. What started as a hobby has become the serious work that he is now known for. Finding clients initially was not easy, but, “After years of proving myself people are taking me seriously as a professional now.”

They are, indeed!

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