Earwax Removal and Ear Cleaning 101

The ENT specialist looks inside your ear with a special instrument called an otoscope to see if there is any blockage due to ear wax accumulation. When you have a blocked ear due to ear wax, not only is it painful and uncomfortable, but it can damage the ear and even impair hearing.

Ear wax builds up inside ears in a natural way but requires periodical cleaning to avoid blockage. Ear cleaning is a skillful process and best done by an ENT specialist who can safely clean the ear without causing any damage. Avoid cleaning ear blockage on your own by using a hairpin, cotton swab, or paper clip to dig out the wax, which can damage the ear and cause more problems.

 Ear wax removal procedures

Depending on the extent of blockage and considering its safe accessibility, the doctor can use a curet, a small curved instrument, to remove ear wax by gently pulling out small chunks of the wax.

The doctor might even use suction to remove wax build-up from the ear and, in some cases, flush it out with a rubber build syringe filled with warm water or by using a water pick.  Ear irrigation is another method of cleaning the ear. To avoid recurring wax build-up, you can use some medications that contain carbamide peroxide under the doctor’s direction.

Precautions for ear cleaning

Before you start the process of earwax removal in Singapore, ensure that your ear is healthy and you do not have a ruptured eardrum or damaged tubes in your ears that can compromise your body immunity. Another aspect that the doctor would like to confirm before cleaning the ear is that the blockage is due to wax build-up and not due to some other problems like an active ear infection.

What is ear irrigation?

Ear irrigation or syringing is the process of cleaning wax buildup from the ear by injecting water or a water saline mixture filled in a syringe-like tool into the ear to flush out the wax. The process might seem a bit uncomfortable but can effectively remove ear wax. Only a doctor can carry out the process successfully. The doctor will clean only healthy ears after examining to rule out any infections of the damaged eardrum.

Besides brief discomfort, the procedure might cause ringing in the ears or tinnitus, while others may feel temporary dizziness.

Micro suction for ear wax removal

Today, micro-suction is the safest and most effective way of ear wax removal that people can tolerate well. The procedure involves using an ear microscope that helps the doctor see the ear canal clearly and perform the procedure with confidence.

Since the entire ear canal is visible to the doctor, the cleaning is more precise and efficient. Since the doctor is in total control of the procedure, there is minimal or no discomfort. The procedure allows the doctor to use both hands, which ensures a more accurate and effective procedure.

The choice of ear wax cleaning procedure depends on the doctor’s evaluation of the problem’s severity.


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