Ebony Brown: How A Songwriter Became a Celebrity Stylist and Fashion Activist

Ebony got her first taste of entrepreneurship as a teenager. Born and raised in a rough area of Detroit, Ebony and her mother often faced periods of financial uncertainty during her childhood.

Things started to get better when Ebony was in high school and her mother started her own company. It was then that Ebony decided she wanted to follow in her mother’s footsteps and build her own business. She realized that she would never be rich working for someone else. Although it wasn’t always easy, Ebony is grateful that her childhood shaped her into the strong and ambitious woman she is today.

Ebony got her start in music despite having no previous connections in the industry. She wrote and published songs for iconic musicians like Faith Evans before becoming a successful celebrity stylist.

Her switch into the fashion world took some convincing; record executives often asked Ebony to style their clients after admiring her personal style. After a few years of turning down offers Ebony decided that a career in styling might be a blessing and finally said yes. Since then she’s styled high profile celebrities like Halsey, Camila Cabello, Britney Spears, Nicole Scherzinger, and Kanye West.

Nowadays Ebony is still working with the stars, but that’s not what she wants her claim to fame to be. As a black woman Ebony knows the struggle of making it in a white-dominated industry. Talented black creatives are still routinely paid less than their white counterparts.

Ebony’s goal is to continue fighting for equality for all her POC peers in the creative world. She wants to create platforms and avenues for black creatives to display their talent to the world. Ebony is always happy to share her resources with fellow entrepreneurs, from how to fight for equal wages to balancing mental health.

Ebony is a legend in the making. Follow her on instagram (@ebonybrownstyle) or visit her website (ebonybrownstyle.com) to learn more about her vision.

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