Education for the Rest of Us Courtesy of Crypto Wendy O

Wendy discovered a missing link in crypto early on and she set out to fill in the gaps. Growing up in a low-income family, she understood the struggles people go through and finances are always on top. After researching and learning about crypto back in 2017 she wanted to attend some conferences but simply couldn’t budget for the tickets. So rather than pine for what she couldn’t have, she created her own.

Before crypto, Wendy worked at the largest HIV AIDs non-profit in the world. She managed patient care and helped make sure those under her watch received what they needed. This led to valuable communication skills, and also the desire to see people put before profits. She eventually left the healthcare industry when that simple value stopped being upheld. As a new mom, with a three-hour commute, she needed something that the typical 9-5 world couldn’t offer. Luckily, crypto is 24/7 and she found her home here. 

Before she was the voice we all know and love, Wendy organized local meetups and events and live streamed them online. Over time she taught herself how to trade and learned more valuable skills in technical analysis. Eventually, the conferences she couldn’t afford, we’re inviting her to come as a speaker. Her YouTube channel quickly gained a following and she was able to thrive from home. Educating others on the potential of blockchain has become not just a career but a passion. 

“One of the biggest hurdles in blockchain is we have all these really tech smart people in the industry, which is fantastic,” Wendy said. “It’s hard to really translate to the average person what they’re building and why they should focus and pay attention.” She feels the idea of Web3 is amazing, but the term can be misleading because it’s not built out yet. “We’re still technically in beta,” she said. Wendy’s goal is to break down these concepts and make them easy to understand for the rest of us. “I want to normalize it for anybody from any background,” Wendy said. 

There is a technology here that has the potential to improve quality of life and Wendy just hopes to be one source of information from people. She encourages everyone to seek the truth, get information from multiple channels, and develop a narrative that makes sense for you. “I want everybody to win, but I want people to win on their own terms.” Wendy hosts regular educational shows on her YouTube channel and TikTok shorts to reach the younger Audience. 

Catch Wendy at one of many upcoming speaking engagements including Outer Edge LA, Consensus, and NFT Tallin


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