Edumission Eezy: In Conversation With the Founder – Pathan Zaheer Khan

Edumission Eezy is an education consultancy platform. The firm expertises in career counseling and has helped numerous students choose the right college and a fitting course for their higher education.

Edumission Eezy was set up four years ago by Pathan Zaheer Khan. The entrepreneur was pursuing a BBA degree from Bangalore University when he set up his start-up.

The 22-year-old hails from the village of Perur in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh. The success stories of entrepreneurs and start-ups inspired him to start his own venture.

After pondering over a lot of ideas, Pathan Zaheer Khan hit the jackpot after he met and convesed with a group of school passouts. They were all confused about what career path they should choose and which course would go with their skills, and if someone found an answer to those they were torn between selecting the college.

Pathan Zaheer Khan figured he could cater to this need and not only set up a his first venture but also lend a helping hand to the future of this nation.

He says, “When your work is helping someone else, you are helping them with their vision, and that is very fulfilling. When you are mentally fulfilled you do your best everyday without any complaints and achieve the best results – which not only benefits the ones you’re helping but helps you develop a successful track record as well.”

Pathan Zaheer Khan helped thy neighbor and aided them in sailing stormy waters. When we asked him how he tackles the problems which come up in his own life, he told us, “I’m really thankful to God that I have been blessed enough to be surrounded by such a wonderful and supportting group. My parents and family and friends all have my back and are always there to encourage me. My parents’ prayers and support always bring new miracles in my life and propels my success forward.”

These days he is busy in his research of organic farming. He plans on developing strategies and a project aimed at helping farmers adopt organic farming. This is new development in the field of agriculture that takes us back to when crops were grown without using chemical fertilisers and pesticides. This is a an environment friendly approach and Pathan Zaheer Khan dubs it as his “dream project”.

Pathan Zaheer Khan lives by some words of advice and he shared one with us, “Never give up on anything which you truly and whole-heartedly aspire for.
Give time to things that matters to even if the returns are trickling in slowly. The world is full of impatient pretenders who will shame you if you’re not instantly at the top. Take your time, find your footing and steadily climb up to success.”.

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