Eduxr, A Rising Star in the Music Scene, is Dropping His New Track “Dejected”

Eduxr, an 19-year-old emerging young talent from Florida, has dedicated his time to his aspiration for the past four years, and his efforts have not gone in vain. After gaining success from his latest releases, “Night Owl” and “LMOB”, he is currently on another quest to let his music be heard with his upcoming album, “Dejected”.

He has gained the attention of many in numerous well-known music platforms for individual artists such as Shade 45 and in stages in Soundbar and Miami Live, but those didn’t stop him from dreaming bigger. Even after several years of hard work, he still managed to stay positive, and he aims to remain that way until he’s reached his goal. This time, thousands of his supporters are again anticipating his album’s release, which will be in April this year.

What to Expect From Eduxr’s “Dejected”

Like with all his projects, Eduxr also committed a lot of time and effort to “Dejected”, and he could not be happier to see his audience waiting for him to drop the tracks. With his talent and passion for music, it is no surprise that the album will make it big.

  • Ten captivating releases

As announced on the trailer for this project and his Instagram posts, “Dejected” will be composed of ten songs that he has painstakingly worked on along with other artists. The tracks are separated into sides A and B, which will be released on different dates.

For Side A, the first batch of songs for this album, the anticipated release is confirmed on the 16th of April, with five great tracks. Two of his solo songs are “Love Letter” and “Lone Wolf”, while the rest are in collaboration with other talents. The song “Wait” features Kyzo Kidd and Unknown Muerto, “1312” with NCW Duck and MXKII+, and “Stories” with HeLix and Annamarie Rosiano.

Meanwhile, the release date for Side B has not been officially announced yet and the list of songs that will be present in the second half of the album is not complete. The confirmed tracks, for now, are “One Night” and “Love Again :(”, along with “Mia Malkova”, which features the artist Azi. The other two are expected to be announced at a later date.

  • Enthralling and mellifluous rhythms

Eduxr has nailed the Pop, Hip-hop, and R&B genres with his previous releases and he aims to do so again this time. He worked hard to bring a captivating and exciting rhythm to his tracks and exerted extra effort for the vocals. He proudly admitted that the album “Dejected” is by far his most favorite project and he has enjoyed every moment of working on it.

  • Relatable lyrics and sincere emotions

Aside from his hooking melodies and enthralling vocals, Eduxr’s works are also known for the meanings that the lyrics are trying to convey. This time, he targeted verses that many might find relatable by reflecting on what he has gone through, whether personally or in his relationships with others.

One of Eduxr’s goals for the future is to work with Don Toliver or Hopsin, two of his all-time favorite artists because of their vibe and music style. Currently, he has his heart set on ensuring the success of his upcoming release with the ten songs that he has no doubt poured his heart into.

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