Eesha Patel on How She Has Helped People Find Their Life’s Purpose Through the Manifestation of Abundance

Eesha Patel is an international channeller, author, and speaker. She founded Origin Activation Method, which is a multidimensional energy healing system. Her model has allowed many people in the world to find relief, to find success, and to find what they wish for, without much worry. These methods are being taught to speakers, entrepreneurs, and world-class coaches around the world. She likes to be perceived as the #1 spiritual mentor to entrepreneurs and likes to work with others to help them to find empowerment and ease in work.

Eesha Patel has found herself increasing her business and her following. Her primary concern, since the beginning, was to help others create the perfect way for themselves and to move towards better things. With hundreds of clients, she has helped many find meditative healing through spiritual awakening. Her clients have a wide range of great testimonials, all praising her work. Many of her clients had seen spontaneous healings and quick remedies to many issues! Patel found her spiritual awakening back in 2015, it was where everything began and how things began to become better for her. When she saw that she could attract the things she liked and wanted, she decided to help others as well. Once she channeled her modality, she built her own studio, called Siddhi Space, which quickly became the best-rated wellness studio in Perth.

In her studio, she offers advice and a healing environment. Her specialty topics for speech are Quantum Business, Multidimensional Healing with Origin Activation, and Galactic Awakening. These three modules help in providing the correct help clients need. Furthermore, all of these topics allow the clients to manifest their goals, their ideas, and opportunities into reality. Each of these specific modules is for different aspects, but the goal is the same. Since the beginning of 2015, Patel has been able to grow drastically. In the past five years, from working with only a handful of clients, she has now clocked more than 100K clients! Her turnover has tripled over the past twelve months.

When asked how people become better in life and achieve better success, she says she has some ways to help people attain success and abundance. Patel suggests that people who want to attract abundance in life, be it professionally or health-wise, should look for a coach to find help. Other than that, people should follow her 90-day program, called The Alignment Map. She says that for people who want to find better success in life, people should consider attracting everything with energetic energy. She believes that a positive outlook on their mindset and their goals would help in getting what they need. Eesha Patel brings forward her own experiences as standing ground and as examples for others. Making use of her experiences has helped her to provide the guidance others need. She aims to simply provide help to others and give her clients a holistic approach to attaining their business ideas, their goals, and their ideal health. Eesha Patel hopes to help as many people as she can.

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