Ekalavya Hansaj: The Rise of the Advertising World’s Hottest In-Demand Star

Ekalavya Hansaj doesn’t need to handover his matte finish visiting cards anymore and say, “There’s no advertiser like him.” Three times to book a spot at his favorite companies in the martech and adtech world. More often than not, he’s already there. And by “there” we mean his reserved tables and private lounges. This martech and adtech world’s hottest rising expert and star is a bona fide homeboy for topmost marketers and advertisers across the globe.

When asked, Hansaj comes by it straightforward and transparently, saying “Where he is from, in the middle of naxal affected Jehanabad in Bihar, there were no better schools or tutors in Early 1990’s. He had to make his own curriculum in his early days. Hansaj says he was limited to sitting in the same city or migrating to a better one,” Hansaj explains, he initially chose the first option while waiting for his days to move to a better city, Patna. He says whilst in Jehanabad, Bihar “His  mom and himself would kind of just hang out and wait for his father to come back every month from the place where he earned $2,000 a year as a teacher in early 1990’s..

For the record, this hottest in-demand advertiser is far from the controversies and rumors of his competitors and currently also serves as the founder and director of advertising and marketing at one of the biggest media and content production brand famously known as Quarterly Global. He’s just 32; it’s entirely his professional duty to indulge in the hedonistic heights that being the hottest advertiser demands. He most certainly isn’t up for grabs by every client anymore.

For Hansaj, one of the world’s most recognizable and feted advertiser and marketer, it’s highly likely that just about any and every door is entirely wide open.

“[I was raised] to be extraordinary and a globally successful businessman,” he explains. “If I have clients in town visiting me wherever I am in San Francisco or Goa, we’ll go get dinner, but if I’m just by myself, I’m at the house, playing with my daughter Mayra, creating content for our viral Facebook pages and watching random TV shows. 

I am a big fan of Blacklist on NBC, Suits on Netflix and musicals. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s [actually] pretty cool. I’m [also] starting to learn to play piano and guitar and be the king of; martech and adtech world where most young advertisers are flaunting their contracts at various events and conferences, dropping G’s on flashy cars, blings and expensive timepieces, Hansaj is cut from different genre. He’s at home, playing Monopoly and speaking to his wife Anjali Shahi, quietly explaining that his first big purchase after making over million dollars in revenue was the MG Hector bought in July 2020 because it was “too early” for him to commit to anything more expensive.

It would seem that he’s cautious about his newfound wealth, as if someone might snatch it away at any moment, but really, this is who he is: a kid who was raised without, but, now that he has, remains unpretentious. On his nightstand there’s a framed picture of his daughter Mayra Hansaj, engraved with the words “Never forget where you came from, and never lose sight of where you are going,” a reminder to stay that way.

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