Elaine Leek: Know Your Worth and Never Settle For Mediocracy

The world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, and neither is life. As if the constant pressure every modern woman faces today wasn’t enough, along came the pandemic, and with it—an overwhelming feeling of anxiousness for all of us.

As the days go by and months come to pass, so does the pressure begin to mount. It can keep piling on to the point that it gets unbearable. Yet, you carry on and face everything life has to throw at you. It doesn’t come without a cost, though. 

Good habits start to falter, and you find yourself retreating to the comfort that is mediocracy. It becomes pretty easy to allow your life to pass you by when your time is consumed by meaningless tasks and decisions that lead to nowhere.

One thing is for sure—it helps to have support, especially the support of a professional and experienced personal development coach like Elaine Leek. Elaine spends her days helping women find their light so that they may finally learn to trust their own intuition. 

Coaches use all sorts of techniques and tools to help people live out their best lives. While they do work on some level, Elaine likes to take a different approach and instead focuses all her efforts on unlocking the wisdom inside you. She helps you better understand your inner thoughts even if you don’t want to or don’t know how to hear them.

Elaine is a former nurse, so she got quite used to the sight of blood and guts from her time in the operating room. These are the parts that make most people feel uneasy, but not her. When it comes to everyday life, she isn’t afraid to look at the nasty details nobody else dares to.

“I believe that we as women have this untapped wisdom, and if we can only learn to trust our intuition, well, we can change the freaking world, sis!.”- passionately exclaims Elaine.

Many women choose to settle and just accept that there is nothing more to their lives, not allowing themselves to dream past their current realities. You shouldn’t let your fears hold you down; if your intuition tells you that there’s more out there for you, follow it. Elaine listened, and it was the wisest choice she ever made.

At a certain point in her life, Elaine found herself having the perfect life on paper. A stable relationship, all the friends in the world, a credible career, a beautiful home—she had it all. 

Yet, something felt off. The truth was, Elaine was feeling unhappy in both her career and her relationship. She wanted more out of life but felt like she didn’t deserve it for such a long time. Those stubborn whispers in her head that made her feel unworthy are the same ones that ultimately led her to the truth that would change her life forever. 

Those whispers were nothing other than her intuition, whispers she didn’t initially trust and had spent years trying to keep quiet. Elaine finally listened and left the life that kept her confined, creating a whole new one for herself along the way. She now lives in Canada with her partner, and it is a life full of freedom and love, a life where she can finally be who she is as she helps other women do the same.

Start changing your life for the better. Reach out to Elaine Leek on her Instagram or contact her via email.

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