Elevate Your Every Day With Asobu Bottle Leading the Way

Asobu Bottle Co., the Canadian drink-ware company, has been expertly hydrating us with style since 2014 when they made waves with their ultra-chic reusable containers designed to strike with lasting allure. In Japanese, ‘asobu’ translates to fun, or game, which is easily assimilated into the brand’s lifestyle as a premiere co-pilot that unites function with fashion.

Asobu’sartful bottles and pet-friendly bowls are regular showstoppers in most retail spaces, but it’s out in the open where they truly shine, upgrading the daily fit and supporting our busy schedules. The bottles are as unique as the person who wears them, and they add another layer of utility unlike anything we’ve seen before.

With their impressive array of reusable drink containers, Asobuhas always kept sustainability at the forefront of their core mission and values, seeking to inspire real change in our communities that’s clean and green. Before Asobu broke into the market, taking your favorite drinks to-go was a hat trick that many of us resented, mostly because it required extensive planning or absurd techniques to keep the margaritas cold.

With Asobu in tow, the coffee is never lukewarm. In fact, you can bring the coffee into the middle of an Alpine Lake if you feel inclined, or wherever you wouldn’t normally be able to enjoy your morning brew. Asobu omits the need for gummy plastics or disposable drink containers with their reusable alternatives, guaranteed to strike passersby while speaking up for the planet at the same time.

In addition to their climate-conscious business model, Asobu is also doing the leg work to protect our animal friends with their pet-friendly products. Each time users implement the #SaveADogWithAsobu hashtag on Instagram, Asobu donates $10 directly to participating animal shelters and organizations who seek to reduce domestic animal displacement and prioritize rescue efforts.

If that wasn’t enough, Asobu’s boutique line of pet-friendly products works for owners and puppers alike. With these items, Asobu seeks to equalize our mobility with our pets along for the ride, implementing smart duality into pieces like The Barkley and the eponymous Dog Bowl Bottle. These designs support the pups and the parents, complete with an easily detachable saucer for your canine during long walks in the park. And yes, cats love it too.

With smart design and even smarter philanthropy work, Asobuis the leading choice in reusable drink-ware, if not for its functionality, then for its creativity alone. Among Asobu’sartillery of unique, whimsical pieces, some of the more standout shapes include The Orb, a sleek, soft companion that flatters with every sip, and the Flavor U See, a sharp, infusion bottle with high-profile transparency. The central idea behind Asobuhas always been innovative capabilities dressed in creative self-expression, redefining what it means to drink deluxe.

Back in 2017, Asobu caught the eyes of Oprah Winfrey and appeared on her annual coveted list of favorites. In the same breath, one year later, Asobu’s Insulated Cold Brew brewer was recognized by USA Today as a “Top 10 Travel Gift”, pointing to their ultra-functional designs that are made for mobility. In Japanese, ‘asobu’ translates to game, or fun, which fully supports the brand’s mission to supply reusable containers that promote a colorful lifestyle as unique as the owner.

Asobu is a perfect companion for the vagabonds of the world, eager to start the next adventure with a splash of panache. The company’s official motto, “Elevate your everyday”, speaks to the fearless spirits who take the world by storm, seeking to enjoy all of life’s twists and turns with a bonus punch of flair and excitement.

We all need a beverage to help us get through the day, be it coffee, super smoothies, or good, old-fashioned coffee, so why not drink with style and show others what they’re missing? Asobu is in the business of bombshell beverage containers, and if you never thought you needed a reusable bottle to compliment your mood of the day, think twice and make your next purchase with a purpose, Asobu’s got your back.

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