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Elias Castro’s Push for Financial Change

Changing Lives Through Finances is Elias Castros Specialty

With a money market as large and complicated as today’s, it is understandable that entrepreneurs like Elias Castro are set on changing people’s understanding of finances. Born in El Salvador, Castro came to the U.S. at the age of twelve and grew up in California.  He now helps people plan for their financial future by teaching them how to make educated decisions when it comes to their finances.  Elias is also a recruiter and provides opportunities for those looking to start in this career path. He teaches coaches, mentors, trains, and provides the skills necessary for a successful career.

In an interview, Castro revealed the process in finding this passion. “I always wanted to help and be of service to others, and I did not get that type of fulfillment in my previous careers. I put myself in a position where I wanted to self-develop and better myself personally, and by doing those things, I developed the skill sets that helped me maximize this opportunity when it presented itself. In a way I manifested and created this opportunity for myself by becoming better personally,” he comments.

Castro’s company – a financial broker-dealer – now works with over 200 major finance and insurance companies and services all of the U.S. and Canada.  Their goal is to help clients become debt-free and financially independent. Castro related that his inspiration comes from seeing the lack of financial literacy in America and how so many struggles are caused because of it.  It is his mission to change that.

In his interview, Castro also divulged some words of wisdom to other young entrepreneurs.  He stressed how one should “find a mentor, be coachable, learn to stay focused and goal-driven, and avoid distractions.”  Finally, he stated, “I want the audience to know that there is hope to be financially stable and debt-free. There is a better way to live other than a nine to five job, otherwise known as “Just Over Broke.”  You can become a business owner and create unlimited income and live the life you always wanted by breaking generational cycles of poverty and learning financial literacy at any age.  We are people who truly care about helping families and not leaving anyone behind. You may not have come from a rich family, but a rich family has to come from you.”

In the coming years, Castro sees constant growth and the opening of multiple agencies across the country that will continue to help people and create opportunities.

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