Elite Bodyguard Bubba Almony Will Host His First Celebrity Charity Basketball Game This Summer 2021

For most successful professionals in the world, philanthropy often comes as a later endeavor following the peak of success. Not many people would regard it important to show up at charity events, make out lump-sum checks or at least, devote their time and energy to giving back to society until they’ve achieved a significant level of relevance. The trend is simple and quite conventional – work hard, get rich, become famous, and then give back.

Of course, not everyone agrees with this norm. Although it doesn’t matter when a person decides to give back or make an impact, true philanthropy should always be taken up out of pure passion and concern.

For celebrity bodyguard and anti-bullying activist, Adriano “Bubba” Almony, philanthropy is just about the funds and money as it is about the time, energy, and active participation dedicated toward any charitable goals. Bubba, 26, is a globally renowned and top-rated security consultant and celebrity bodyguard. He has protected some of the world’s most prolific names including A-list Hollywood stars, famous billionaires, and high-ranking diplomatic personalities. With a stellar 10-year career guarding some of the most volatile events in the world including 9/11 memorials, New York Fashion Week, Super Bowl, and many others, Bubba has built a reputation as the go-to guy in the security field, a remarkable off-shoot from his “days of little beginning” guarding concerts in Maryland.

Although Bubba had only been 17 when he landed his first security job at a concert in Ocean City, he secured his first real bodyguard gig at the age of 19 when he began working for Vinny Guadagnino from “Jersey Shore”. From then on, it has remained an uptown ride on the road to international success and recognition. However, his endeavors in philanthropy began a year before he ever decided to pursue a career in security.

“I have been giving back since the age of 16, volunteering my time and energy to achieving certain goals within my community,”  Bubba said. “At 17, I dove deep into giving back my time and skills in my community to help others and be involved with the youth coaching boys’ and girls’ basketball. My motivation for this was my passion, purpose, and true divine calling in life.”

In total service to humanity

As Bubba’s career thrived and he traveled the world to protect some of the highest-flying personalities and events, his eagerness to give back to society grew in equal bounds. Bubba’s most favored philanthropic endeavors include participating in anti-bullying charities and donating to pediatric cancer funds and clinics, including the St-Jude’s Children’s Hospital and Huntsville Diamonds Cancer Team in Texas. He is also the US chairman for Bodyguards Against Bullying, an international anti-bullying and personal safety non-profit for young children and teenagers.

I took up the cause to stand against bullying because it’s the right thing to do,” Bubba explained. “Most importantly in life, over any successes or accolades, it’s about inspiring, motivating, and helping others to the best of your abilities!

This year, on Saturday, August 28, Bubba will be hosting his first-ever Celebrity Basketball Game at the Worcester County Recreation Center in Snow Hill, Maryland. An avid lover and player of basketball since his childhood years, Bubba hopes this event will contribute to all existing global efforts aimed at raising awareness on bullying and cancer. Bubba and his team of organizers also hope to raise about $50,000-$100,000 in funds for donation to several charities dear to his heart.

Money from the event will go to local nonprofit organizations of our choosing on the eastern shore, Bodyguards Against Bullying, a global personal safety and anti-bullying organization, and to the Huntsville Diamonds Cancer Team in Texas. This event will have a massively positive impact on so many lives,” he said.

The game expects to pull dozens of famous people from all over the world to Maryland to either participate in the games or to grace the event. Some expected personalities include Jacoby Jones – Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl Champion, Simeon Rice – Tampa Bay Buccaneers legend and Super Bowl Champion, Andre Rush – White House chef that has served under three presidents, David Meltzer – co-founder of Sports 1 Marketing, Bull Bullard – Harlem Globetrotter and 4X Guinness World Record Holder, Demarjay Smith – 14-year-old Jamaican Trainer, actor and Ellen-featured motivational speaker, Officer Tommy Norman – the most respected police officer in America,  Kendra Lust – iconic megastar and famous actress, and Drumma Boy Fresh, a two-time Grammy Award Winning Producer. More high-profile names are to be announced later.

Floating on the moon

Despite the many setbacks, restrictions in travel, and limitations to business, 2020 wasn’t such a bad year for Bubba as he was honored with the Humanitarian of the Year award by LV magazine, a remarkable recognition that came with a feature on a Times Square billboard. Bubba received this prestigious award for his significant contributions in alleviating poverty and elevating human suffering, evident in his donations to feeding and medical funds all over the world.

For his excellent demonstrations of leadership and the countless great reviews that follow his services, Bubba received the 2020 Best Celebrity Security award by the Buzz Magazine in Morocco.

This year, in collaboration with Blatantly Honest Foundation, Bubba is surpassing the proverbial “sky limit” as he is set to have his photo launched into the moon. This project is intended to demonstrate to people all over the world how achievable the most colossal of dreams are, and how possible it is to “rise above all the negativity and hatred, going as far as the moon, where they become unreachable.”

One of Bubba’s most outstanding recognitions so far will take place this year as August 28th will be declared the “Bubba Almony Day” in Snow Hill, Maryland by Mayor Tammy Simpson. As he continues to push his career beyond limits and above expectations, one of Bubba’s long-term goals is to serve humanity on the ultimate pedestal by becoming the President of the United States. So far, his dreams have all come true, so who knows? President Almony certainly has a nice ring to it.

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