Elitist on How Their Life-Affirming Wall Art can Ignite your Creative Spark

Elitist on How Their Life-Affirming Wall Art can Ignite your Creative Spark

The décor in a home says a lot about the personality of those who reside there. A well-thought-out, aesthetically pleasing collection of art reflects luxury, sparks creativity, and induces positive vibes. The recent pandemic has opened everyone’s eyes to how important interior design can be, as everyone was bound inside their homes for the majority of the year.  In such unpredictable times, Elitist has quickly risen to become a fan-favorite for wall art that is affordable, durable, and absolutely beautiful.

Mike Pashayan’s home décor brand Elitist is an online shopping website that hosts a range of neon wall signs, canvas wall art, and fully customizable pieces. Their messages echo genres of fitness, love, beauty, astrology, and even the spirit of entrepreneurship. Messages like “Follow Your Dreams,” “Work hard, Stay humble,” and “Enjoy the journey” glow on the walls and are controlled by remote for brightness and an on/off toggle for a continuous flow of positive energy in the room.

Elitist has also released an exclusive collection in collaboration with influencer LianeV, who has more than 4 million followers on Instagram. The neon signs echo messages that inspire and motivate onlookers to hustle hard and succeed. Words like “Inspire,” “Create,” and “Hustle” are available to order online today, with a bright gold light to match the aesthetic. Their art pieces are easy to install and the personalization feature lets each client choose the exact color, font, silhouette, and size they want for themselves.

There are 9 hues, 5 versatile widths, and over 50 simple and complex fonts, along with an added option to make the piece waterproof for outdoor settings. However, these neon signs do not come with any of the risks or added costs like those associated with traditional gas signs. Built with silicone and acrylic, they are built to last 10+ years without tarnishing. The bright remote-controlled lights are LEDs, hence reducing electricity usage as well.

They are lightweight and come with a one-year warranty, meaning they are also kid-friendly and pet-safe for all homes. The canvas art offers a platter of line drawing, texts, and pictures to set the tone of the room they are placed in, and hundreds of happy clients are a testament to the positive impact and creative spark that Elitist home décor induces.

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