Elizabeth Vega: The Passionate Female Entrepreneur and Influencer, the World Needs to Know More About

No matter how much ever we speak about how female entrepreneurs in the world have been taking over business industries and other spaces like a true blue professional, the more we feel it is spoken much less about. People must hold more discussions about these powerful women personalities who prove the world that it only takes the right mindset, the will to work harder, self-discipline and self-belief to achieve our goals in life. Above any gender biases and male-dominated industries, these women go beyond boundaries to create their own niche and rule the sectors like queens. One such queen in the fashion, realty and digital world is Elizabeth Vega, who excelled not only at one but multiple sectors and is a classic example of how well a woman can create a career all on her own and the way she desires.

Elizabeth Vega was born in Cucuta, Colombia and since the beginning, if anything that ever attracted her the most, then it was the fashion world followed by travel and fitness. Growing up looking at the many influential models and personalities of that time, Elizabeth Vega weaved in a dream of hers, where she believed she could also achieve staggering success in the said fields and achieve her definition of success. Since then, she has been working on herself consistently to reach the position she always dreamt about.

However, a disturbing childhood is what she had, but her quest to provide a better life to her family and support them made her more determined to create milestones in her career. Everything began for her with modeling, where she modeled locally and even became a cheerleader for a football team. She showed keen interest in acting and in her school productions acted as well. This paved the way for her to gain many more modelling contracts within the city.

She completed her studies in Communications & Journalism from the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University. It was then that she began with many TV shows and modelled for catalogues, campaigns and calendars. Gaining great experience in modelling and visiting her family in Santa Marta, she was also crowned ‘Queen of the Carnival of the city’.

Even after getting married and giving birth to a beautiful daughter, Elizabeth Vega was determined to make a successful career. In Miami, she realized how rapidly the real estate sector grew and to gain her licence; she even studied extensively about investing in properties. She jumped into the sector and worked for a decade into the same. Finding success, she moved back to New York City and has now again dived deep into her passion for fashion and beauty. She is today a proud fashion influencer, has earned an enormous name as a model, loved being called a world traveller and is a bikini lover as well.

To share her experiences and knowledge, Elizabeth Vega took to Instagram and in no time also achieved a massive number of followers, helping her turn into a modern-day influencer as well who excels at the niches of fashion lifestyle, beauty, and travel. Meeting new people and sharing greater experiences is also what she always desired and to fulfill the same; she became a world traveller as well.

Elizabeth Vega is also working towards starting her fashion collection, which would radiate her passion and love for fashion and style, on its way to get launched soon.

Being a social media influencer and a business personality today, Elizabeth Vega tries to impact people positively through fashion, beauty and travel and inspires them to live life to the fullest. Follow her on Instagram @elizabethvegaofficial or visit her website, https://elizabethvegaofficial.com/  to know more.

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