“Elmedin Ademi – Redefining the Role of a CEO” The CEO of Eurvia is exemplary and Leading the Company to Its Prime.

Elmedin Ademi, the Chief Executive Officer ofEurovia Group has been the figurehead of the firm who has been propelling the company to monumental stance through his adept potentiality. Overtaking his family legacy, in 2010,he has showcased and redefined a CEOs role in a firm.

An initiator’s mindset

Eurovia Group, a globally acknowledged firm, Elmedin has been leading it with an unparalleled mindset. Since his initial days, he has had the vision of a creator, with a strengthened proclivity towards engendering novel ideas.

At the mere age of 22, he founded a prodigious and triumphant outdoor advertising companies-Screen Media. In the following years, accomdating his journey, he also established the fundamentals of Talenta in 2016 as a business development and research company, a firm guiding the core decision making process with respect to the business development for the Euroviagroup.

In 2017 was founded Eurovia DMD a distribution company for HoReCa and FMCG Products.


Frequently hearing the phrase-sky is the limit, Elmedin has depicted the practicality of it in a quite illustrious manner. The burgeoning of the Euroviagroup that occurred under the orchestration of its CEO is evidently perceptible. The group has immensely proliferated.

Under his counsel, the firm has stepped into the Albanian and Kosovo market, with its Real Estate Investment Projects and plans to dominate the power energy sector by investing into Hydropower Plant by rolling the curtain of Energovia.

An ulterior motive

Being a humanitarian and a CEO, being well aware of the global circumstances, concerned with the uproar of covid-19, Ademi established EuroviaFoundation with the sole goal of being called to action, to pace up the process of tackling the aftereffects.The foundation also aligns itself to the principles of Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

With such caliber, Ademi has been restructuring and showcasing the world the ideal leadership qualities that in a  much of  a muchness manner, others should imbibe.

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