Elmira Namazova : Social Media is now Part of Life.

Business Queen Elmira Namazova made important warnings, stating that people should balance the time they spend on social media in daily life. Look what she said ..

Elmira Namazova, stating that people should balance the time they spend on social media in their daily life, warned against being dependent on social media alone.

Elmira Namazova, one of the well-known figures of social media, gave information about the development of the digital world and made important warnings about the use of social media.

Elmira Namazova, explaining how being known in the internet world makes her difference, said, “Actually, I have to express that this brings a great responsibility above all else. If you are sincere and well-intentioned, people start to value you and your followers increase day by day.

You become like a family. This of course brings with it enormous responsibilities. You feel the need to share what you do during the day, your happiness and your sorrows. You wish your posts to be a good example to people. “It’s one of my reasons to be.”

Explaining what kind of feedback she received from her followers, Namazova said, “I have very strong followers from both Azerbaijan and Turkey. We chat with them from time to time, we share our feelings. It is really great to see people who are happy with my happiness and think of me as their siblings even though we are far away.”

An emotion. If you express your sincere and sincere feelings, people see this and find common points with themselves. At the end of the work, a well-intentioned community with similar feelings is formed.

Elmira Namazova made the following warnings about the social media world:

“You should never let go of control while sharing on social media. You should balance the time you spend on social media in your daily life. You should be careful not to turn into a person who lives only on social media by skipping your family, business life or other daily activities. I am sure that this sincerity will carry you to much more beautiful places.

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