Elvish Anmol Inspires Youth

The new generation is all about innovation, creativity, confidence and speed. Speed, infact, is the voice of the hour. Speed has laid its firm hands on bollywood and hollywood too.Movies like ‘Race’ and ‘Fast And Furious’ has been a sensation among the youth.Inspired and motivated by these movies a number of young people have found their passion of fast pace bike riding and in turn have inspired others.

Who is Anmol Verma?

The age which has seen a tremendous increase of speed in every sphere was yet untouched with the fastest running bikes unless it came upon Anmol Verma.The young, fast-paced 18 year old Anmol reached record breaking speed of 165km/hr.He has been an inspiration for the bike lovers and those who are cherishing their dream of bike riding.

Instagram flooded with his fans

‘_elvish_anmol_’ as mentions his instagram profile,where he has posted some videos with his bikes at the highest of speeds, has gained him 77.1k followers.

Owns 3 super cool bikes

Currently he is having three of his most favourite bikes.He has been fond of and a possessor of KTM 200 , DUKE and R15. These bikes have seen the long distances with him in the least counted times.

Inspired by Harpreet Singh Bal

When asked about his inspiration he talks of Harpreet Singh Bal whose instagram profile mentions the name- hsbofficial .Anmol has been a great admirer of Harpreet and his love for incredible fast paced bikes has geared up after watching Harpreet’s videos.Harpreet’s videos on instagram and youtube are those which inspired Anmol to create new records.

Public astounded with his speed

Aloof from any private event Anmol has demonstrated his skills of bike riding at various public places and has attracted a mass of spectaculars. He,with his super paced riding skills, has never failed to amaze people .


With an admirable height of 5’8″ and 55 kg weight the super talented boy belongs to Civil Lines, Kanpur.The roads of Kanpur have felt the thrills and swift breeze of his high paced bikes.

Riding bikes at such a great speed is a very dangerous activity but when performed with proper safety and skill proves to be a great fun.Follow to check more https://instagram.com/_elvish_anmol_?igshid=1kfzpxdr04bh1

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