Embrace the Art of Donation – Kuldeep & Dhawal at Dog Home Foundation

Donation should be done with both hands without thinking of the further consequences, says Kuldeep. The founder of Dog Home Foundation. This foundation was set up by Kuldeep and Dhawal on 15th January 2021. This foundation started with nothing but with the thinking of saving the helpless dogs.

Kuldeep and Dhawal shared their experience and inspiration. They had nothing but a land wherein they thought to develop a home for dogs where they can feel secure and safe. The whole project cost was more than 1 Crore. Not only that, they invested in the hydrotherapy machine. Kuldeep says that this machine alone costs more than Rs.33 Lakhs which can help the paralyzed dogs to stand on their legs. After their startup, Dog Home Foundation has helped more than 87 paralyzed dogs to stand again and live a normal life. Kuldeep says, ” Its not money which matters, its the happiness of the little creatures.” He also claimed that if their little effort and investment can help a little creature to stand and live a normal life, then their investment is worth it.

The founders claimed that they had nothing but a small land where they decided to make a hotspot for dogs but soon god opened the doors and all their pending work just grew unexpectedly. The founders claimed that they are against of any cash donation but are very glad if anyone comes in support in terms of food and medicines.

Dog Home Foundation, a foundation running 24 hours. This foundation has also created benchmark by saving 1086 dogs in their first rescue mission. The two ambulance will remain 24 hours to meet any emergency needs. The Helpline number to contact this foundation is 9696967396. The Dog Home Foundation is all set to open ten hotspots in Jodhpur where free milk and food will be provided

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