Human life is a loop of constant endings and new beginnings. The end of something bad and boring is the beginning of something new and exciting, but half of the time, vice versa. Every day, humans go through a roller coaster of emotions.

From love to passion and hate, living beings feel everything very closely, but out of those things, only a few have the potential to stay with them for a longer period. The irreplaceable feelings of care, attention, and, most of the time, success live in the tiny heart rent-free.

Every day, thousands of individuals get up to embrace the challenges that await them, the certain ones. And on the other hand, a lot of people wake up to welcome the obstacles sent by uncertainty. Among the list of those who follow the uncertain path lies the name of Tomer Orenstein, an Israeli singer, songwriter, performer, and guitarist.

In this life, everybody has to go through a lot, but the ones who stay firm make it till the end. The trauma of existence itself is so bizarre that the harsh realities make life seem unconvincing, but backing out is not for winners.

Tomer’s Journey Decoded

On this planet, not everybody has the potential to step forward and make a tough decision of entering an already established industry. Emerging talent does have exposure and opportunities, but successful are the ones who have the potential to embrace those opportunities. In this dimension, everything is very challenging, but the value of things automatically sets priorities straight.

Born on December 2nd, 1996, in Tel Aviv, Israel, Tomer was a son of two highly qualified parents. His father, Michael Orenstein, was a pilot, and his mother, Ayelet Orenstein, was an accountant.

Life was not as easy for Tomer because of the constant pressure of being something acknowledgeable, but still, he did what he wanted to do and achieved everything he desired. Tomer was a smart kid. At the age of 7, he learned to play keyboards, and by the time he was 13, he learned to play guitar.

In 2015, Tomer graduated as a computer sciences student from Ben Gurion School, and ever since then, he pursued music as his career. At the age of 14, when his interest grew into passion, Tomer started studying music production privately.

Slowly and gradually, he learned how things worked in the field, and by the time he was 15 years old, he started producing music for other artists. In between his music career, Tomer discovered another area of interest, and him being the extraordinary child, stepped there too. Tomer joined the army and completed his commander’s course in the Air Force.

Indeed, his selection in the armed forces signifies that he was not a common child with abilities. The army is very selective, and only the compassionate ones make it till the end, and Tomer proved himself there too. After serving as commander of soldiers for three years, Tomer returned to his childhood passion for being a musician.

Musicians know that they have the power to speak to the soul, and they make sure to use that power. Music, indeed, is one of the best ways to show emotions, and musicians are Da Vinci of the portrayal of emotions.

In 2019, Tomer released his first single, Vertigo, which was a heartfelt song that he wrote when he experienced his first love. Noam Akrabi produced the song, and it was chosen for Universal Music Group’s “Spinnup.” After getting warm feedback on his first song, Tomer realized that it was his time, and he did not stop ever since.

After Vertigo, he released another single, Superman, which was shot in Kiev, Ukraine. After a few months, he produced two singles, Tears and Heartbreaker, to depict his breakup story. He released these songs one after another, and one of those songs, Heartbreaker, was covered in the EarMilk magazine.

Currently, Tomer is 25 years old, a single boy working hard to get more appreciation from the ones who matter, his fans. Even though things are not easy for newcomers, Tomer did not let any challenge stand before him. He gave his best and believed that whatever he was doing was right; everyone else was wrong. Tomer’s faith in himself took him to places; from Tel Aviv, Israel, to the global music industry.

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