Embracing the Future: The Growing List of Bitcoin-Friendly Businesses

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the integration of cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, into everyday commerce signifies a monumental shift in the way we perceive and utilize money. This recent compilation of businesses accepting Bitcoin, ranging from luxury car brands like Ferrari and Honda to online services like ProtonMail, marks a significant milestone in this journey.

Why is this list important?

Firstly, it underscores the increasing acceptance and normalization of Bitcoin as a legitimate form of payment. Traditional businesses, once wary of the volatility and regulatory uncertainties surrounding cryptocurrencies, are now recognizing the benefits they offer, such as lower transaction fees, increased customer base, and enhanced security. The presence of renowned names like Microsoft, AT&T, and Ralph Lauren on this list is not just a nod to Bitcoin’s legitimacy but also an indication of its growing influence in the market.

Furthermore, this list is a beacon for Bitcoin enthusiasts and investors. It offers tangible proof that their digital assets can be used for real-world transactions, not just trading and speculation. These practical applications are crucial for the long-term sustainability and growth of Bitcoin.

The diversity of sectors represented in the list is equally noteworthy. From tech giants and retail stores to healthcare providers and travel agencies, the wide array of industries embracing Bitcoin suggests a future where cryptocurrency transactions may become as commonplace as credit card payments.

For consumers, the list presents a new realm of possibilities. It empowers them with more payment options, potentially sparking a greater interest in the understanding and use of Bitcoin. This, in turn, drives innovation and competition among businesses to offer more cryptocurrency-friendly services.

This comprehensive list of businesses accepting Bitcoin is more than just a directory; it’s a testament to the shifting economic paradigm. As we witness the gradual fusion of traditional finance with digital currencies, this list not only celebrates the current achievements but also paves the way for a more inclusive and technologically advanced financial future.

The List

Note – there are more companies that accept Bitcoin, please check the references below for a complete list, including smaller companies.

Newest Additions

  • Qeeq: Car rental worldwide, accepts Bitcoin via Bitpay​​.
  • Kessler Collection: A luxury hotel chain, accepts Bitcoin for hotel stays​.
  • Ferrari: Accepts Bitcoin for car purchases in the U.S. and soon in Europe​.
  • Honda: Recently started accepting Bitcoin​.
  • Kagi: A private search engine company now accepting Bitcoin​​.
  • Luxury e-commerce stores: Farfetch, Gucci, Balenciaga, Breitling, TAG Heuer, and Hublot accept Bitcoin​​.
  • Colorado: Accepts Bitcoin for tax payments, via Paypal​.
  • Ralph Lauren: Accepts Bitcoin at its Miami Design District location​​.
  • SFLMaven: A distributor of luxury goods, intends to accept Bitcoin​.

Retail Stores

  • Bitcoin Company (USA): Buy gift cards from various retailers using Bitcoin​​.
  • NewEgg (USA): Purchase electronics with Bitcoin​.
  • Dell (USA): Offers the option to buy electronics with Bitcoin​​.
  • AT&T (USA): Accepts crypto payments via Bitpay​.
  • CryptoRefills (Netherlands): Buy gift cards using Bitcoin​.
  • Menufy (USA): A food delivery service accepting Bitcoin​.
  • AMC (USA): Movie theater chain accepting Bitcoin​.
  • Stampnik (USA): Ship packages or envelopes using USPS postage paid with Bitcoin​​.
  • Bitrefill (Sweden): Purchase gift cards using Bitcoin​.
  • Spedn (USA): Spend Bitcoin directly via Flexa payment system in various retailers​​.

Online Services

  • ProtonMail & ProtonVPN (Switzerland): Encrypted email and VPN services​​.
  • NameCheap (USA): Domain hosting​​.
  • Porkbun (USA): Domain hosting​.
  • Hostinger (Lithuania): Web hosting, VPS hosting​​.
  • Vultr (USA): VPS hosting, cloud computing​.

U.S. Health Care Providers

  • Pro-Care Medical Centers: Six clinics in Greater Austin and San Antonio​​.
  • Bethesda Hospital East: A hospital in Boynton Beach, Florida​.
  • Mercy Hospital of Fenton: A Catholic hospital in Missouri​.

Major Companies

  • Wikipedia: Accepts donations in Bitcoin via BitPay​​.
  • Microsoft: Allows Bitcoin to top up Microsoft accounts​​.
  • Burger King: Accepts Bitcoin in Venezuela and Germany (via website and mobile app)​​.
  • KFC Canada: Accepted Bitcoin for a limited time for the “Bitcoin Bucket”​​.
  • Overstock: American online retailer accepting Bitcoin for orders​​.
  • Subway: Several branches accept Bitcoin for sandwiches​.
  • Twitch: Accepts Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash for its services​.
  • Pizza Hut: Accepts Bitcoin in Venezuela​.
  • Miami Dolphins: Offers the option to pay with Bitcoin for the team’s 50/50 raffle tickets​​.
  • Dallas Mavericks: Accepts Bitcoin for game tickets and merchandise​​.
  • Virgin Galactic: Allows payment for space travel with Bitcoins​​.
  • Norwegian Air: Plans to allow customers to pay for tickets with cryptocurrency​​.
  • Namecheap: Domain name registrant accepting Bitcoin​​.
  • CheapAir: Online travel agency accepting Bitcoin through Coinbase and BTCPayServer​​.


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