Emily Bloom’s ‘Self Made Tanning’ Products Are Giving That Flawless Tans the Natural Way.

Having spent years in the beauty industry as a beauty expert and a tan spa owner, Emily realised that there were no quality self-tan products available in the market at an affordable cost. She wanted to formulate a product that would be easy on the pockets and at the same time would be chemical-free and natural. She worked hard on bringing out a product that one could use at home and have the quality of a salon.

According to Emily,

Tanning can be harmful to the skin and can possibly damage your skin cells, and apart from that, it can accelerate the signs of early aging. Sunless tanning methods which were used in the past didn’t guarantee long-lasting and natural results, and I desperately wanted to come out with a product which would rule out these shortcomings.

After a lot of research and development, she came out with the ‘Self Made Tanning’ products which come in four shades in the form of tanning mousse that is easy on the skin with its hydrating and long-lasting properties make it extremely safe for use and giving you that much-desired sun-kissed glow.

Owning ‘Bronzed by Bloom’, which is a luxury spray tan studio and spray tan training academy located in Toronto, it was easier for Emily to jump into the direct-to-consumer arena. Her aim was to offer high-quality tan mousses at affordable rates which the clients can use in the confines of their homes which would give them a salon experience. She launched the ‘Self Made Tanning’ range during pregnancy in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. Each ‘Self Made Tanning’ product is filled with ingredients like coconut oil, rosehip oil, and jojoba oil to lock in the moisture and exhibit a classy, natural-looking tan. Users have expressed extreme satisfaction after using the products which are way far ahead of other products of similar nature available in the market. Emily says, “Our products are designed to get that much-desired glow in 10 minutes flat, and it gives that incredibly awesome natural looking tan in no time.”

So what are you waiting for? Sweep away those chemically enhanced beauty products that occupy your shelf space and replace them with ‘Self Made Tanning’ products which are guaranteed to enhance your beauty the natural way.

To order online, visit – www.selfmadetanning.com

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